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Every Place Has a Story

As the sun sets, nine talented individuals come together as a family to face against the opposing team for the ultimate goal. Their goal is to win and to win with class. The first softball team of Catholic High School suited up during the 1987-1988 school year. Women’s sports at Catholic High were not allowed to play varsity and could only play junior varsity during this transition year. The team, however, did not play any games on the Catholic High campus until 1992 when the softball field was built. It was a very simple field and looked completely different from the astonishing facility that we enjoy today.

Coach Jeri Beck, former head softball coach and Athletic Director, has helped make many additions to the softball complex since the beginning of her time at Catholic High. Brick dugouts eventually replaced the chain-linked dugouts. Coach Beck added the press box, the brick dugouts, the locker-room, the concession stand, the batting cages, and the lights since she has been a member of the CHS family. The lights were added to the field in 2005. The way the sun sets in the late afternoon makes it challenging for a first baseman, second baseman, and right fielder to see the ball while on the field. The field was built in the right direction because the sun only affects a few players rather than the whole team.

The tradition of excellence at Catholic High remains strong today even through the athletics program. The Lady Panthers have been Quarter-Finalists quite a few times as well as Semi-Finalists twice in the past few years. The Lady Panthers finished their 1998 season as the class 3A State Runner-Up with a 15-4 loss to Lutcher. After years of Quarterfinal, Semifinal, and even Final heartbreaks, they broke the ice in 2011 by winning their first 3A State Championship in Catholic High history. It was a nerve-wracking game, but the Lady Panthers were able to pull away with the title winning 4-3. Their final record of the season was 29-6-1. The following year, the Lady Panthers kept their same dream to be in the last game on the last day. The team made it to the last day; however, they fell short losing in the Semifinals in class 2A.


Recent Past Softball Coaches

1987-1990 Kathy Koch

1991-1992 Paul Jumonville

1992-1996 Kathy Roy

1996-1997 Michael Lemoine

1997-2013 Jeri Beck

2014-2015 Mark Suire

2015-Present Jennifer Moneaux


A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words

The 1998 3A State Runner-Up team poses after the game.

The Catholic High Lady Panther Softball Team won their first State Title in 2011.

The Lady Panther Softball Field on a bright, sunny day

Voices from the Past and Present

Coach Jeri Beck, former Athletic Director and head softball coach, was interviewed on April 25, 2012 through an online interview about her experiences with the Lady Panther Softball Team. She was excited and overwhelmed when the team finished their season as 1998 3A State Runner-Up in her first year as head coach. A few years later, Coach Beck describes the 2011 3A State Championship as living a dream. She states that she has “. . . fond memories from every season, but nothing can compare to winning a State Championship.”



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