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Every Place Has a Story

From football games to track meets to PE classes, the track at Catholic High is a center of activity and fun times for the Catholic High family on the daily basis. Although the track is not in the best shape, it always proves to be a center of fun. It is a place to make memories, preform cheerleading stunts, and “Lean on Me.”

The track is located on the southwest corner of campus. It encircles the football field and is served by Panther Stadium. It contains six lanes along with an area designated for the events of shot put, discus, and high jump.

This year, the track team won the district championship, thanks to all of the hard work put in by players, coaches, fans, and everyone else who assists with the track program at Catholic High.

According to Mr. Roland Jeanlouis, CHS Class of 1983 and parent of two children who currently attend Catholic High, the track used to be no more than a circle of worn grass around the football field. The track was grass throughout his entire time at Catholic High and at least for a time after his graduation.

However, there was one man who wanted better for the students of Catholic High. According to Mrs. Jamie Nelson-Hebert, Donald Voorhies, a long-time member of the faculty and family of Catholic High, saw to it that plans were started in order to get a new track. He spearheaded an effort to get donations from various individuals, groups, and families, and eventually this dream was made a reality. To this day, the track has never been officially dedicated to a specific person or group of people.


A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words

This is the track as seen from the starting line on the first 100 meter leg.

In this photo, the near side of the track can be seen, along with the new scoreboard (installed 2011) and the Rodney Louque Fieldhouse (left) and the Quinlan Weight Building (right).

In these photos, 1971 track team members finish their races and throw the javelin.

Notice the grass and dirt track, as compared to today’s paved track.

Google Earth images show the dirt track in 1998 and the paved track in 2010.



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