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Every Place Has a Story      

Catholic High School is filled with memories that span one hundred years. Thousands of people have walked the halls, eaten the lunches, and left CHS a little different than when they first enrolled. Not only does Catholic High School leave a lasting impression on all those who are part of the CHS family, but the alumni also leave lasting impressions on Catholic High School. Catholic High School students are pushed to live up to the high standards set by those who preceded them. Catholic High School dedicates classrooms as a unique way of honoring those who have left lasting impressions on the school. Down all three halls on campus, students can find plaques hung near the entrance to these special classrooms as a way to keep the memory of the alumni alive within the school. These dedications remind students of the effect that they have on the school, and one day they will also be alumni.

The Memories in Carmel Hall

In Carmel Hall, the elementary school wing, there are two classrooms dedicated to distinguished members of the Catholic High School family.

  • Before it was converted into a computer lab, the first classroom was purchased by Daniel Spiller and dedicated in memory of Grace Spiller, his mother.
  • The second classroom, currently a religion classroom, is dedicated to Mrs. “Nez” Molbert by her son Dr. Mark Molbert, 1972 CHS graduate.

The Memories in St. Peter Hall

In St. Peter Hall, the middle school wing, there are four classroom dedications.

  • The first science lab was purchased by the family of Dr. E. Weeks Dauterive in his memory.
  • The former classroom of Mr. Patrick Bouillion was named after him, but not purchased.
  • Room 511 is dedicated to Mr. and Mrs. Alton Segura.
  • Room 508 is dedicated to Mr. Dave Cavalier, Jr., who served as a mathematics teacher and principal at CHS. He possessed the vision for the CHS “Building the Future” project.

The Memories in de LaSalle Hall

The de LaSalle Hall, the high school hall, contains eleven dedications. The high school hallway, which is split up into the 100, 200, and 300, contains the most dedications.

In the 100 Hall, there are six dedicated classrooms.

  • The first classroom was named after the family of Bill Quinlan. It is currently a religion class, but it was dedicated to the family when it was a social studies classroom.
  • The current math classroom is dedicated to Donald “Doc” Voorhies, a former 1963 graduate and a math teacher at Catholic High. The classroom was dedicated to him by four generous families including Joey (class of 1980) and Danita Broussard, Art (class of 1980) and Pam Mixon, Richard (class of 1982) and Ann Spears, and Ryan and Kathryn Viator.
  • The other four dedications in 100 Hall are named after owner church parishes for the generous donations that the churches contribute to the school.

In 300 Hall, there are three classroom dedications. Room 100 was dedicated to Iberia Bank in their own wishes.

  • The dual enrollment computer lab in room 309 was purchased by the Mothers and Fathers’ Club and is dedicated to them due to their generosity.
  • The multi-media classroom is dedicated to the Lemaire family by the School Board and building Committee.  

In 200 Hall, the wing that includes the chapel, there are two dedications.

  • The Biology Lab was dedicated to Odette Pharr and paid for by Mark Pharr (1952 SPC), her son.

Catholic High wishes to keep alive the memory of all the special individuals and groups who have supported, touched, and loved the school throughout the years.

A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words


The Odette Pharr Biology Lab

The Donald “Doc” Voorhies Classroom

The Bill Qunlan Classroom

The DC International Chemistry Lab


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