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Every Place Has a Story

The enthusiastic students of Catholic High make a tradition of sitting near the centerfield wall at almost every home baseball game to cheer on their beloved baseball players.  In 1983, Catholic High began to build the current baseball field on the CHS campus. The team practiced and played at Acadian Ballpark before the construction of the CHS field. The field was finished and became a regulation field in 1986. It was named for and dedicated to Mr. Emmit Froisy Field for his devotion and involvement in Catholic High athletics.

According to Ms. Jamie Nelson Hebert, former Development Director of Catholic High School and Mount Carmel graduate of 1977, major work began on the field around 1994 to get it to the point where it is today. Up until the past six years, it had no real fan seating. The field only had bleachers that were moved from the football field. Coach David Jordan, a former baseball coach, was behind most of the improvements to the field. He had a dream and started the Hit-A-Thon. The Hit-A-Thon has been a major success in the past few years and has been a major contributor to the accomplishments of projects done to the field. The Panther Baseball Team was able to install lights in 2012; however, they were not up and running for the 2012 season.

After many playoff appearances, the Catholic High School baseball team won their first 2A State Championship in 2001 beating Riverside Academy with a final score of 6-5. They had a remarkable season record of 26-6 with allowing only one loss out of ten games in district. A few years later, the CHS Baseball Team would make another trip to the class 3A State Championship Finals. In hopes of winning another championship, they faced off Parkview Baptist in 2006 and lost an excruciatingly close game 6 to 5. Their season ended with a 26-9 record.

Recent Panther Baseball Coaches

1977 Bill Simon

1978-1981 Greg Boudreaux

1982-1984 Mike Delcambre

1985 Craig Brodie

1986-1987 Steve Huter

1988-1990 Paul Jumonville

1990-2009 David Jordan

2010-2014 Tim Comeaux

2015-Present David Jordan



A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words

Baseball in the 1980s

The baseball team in 1985 played and practiced at Acadian Ballpark. Mr. Pat Freyou was a member of the 1985 season.

The State Winning Panther Baseball Team of 2001


 Emmit Froisy Baseball Field Today


Voices from the Past and Present

In an interview on January 18, 2012, Ms. Jamie Nelson Hebert explains the naming of Emmit Froisy Field.

The Naming of the Baseball Field



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