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Throughout the Bible, food plays a prominent role in the eternal relationship God has with mankind. In the book of Exodus, the enslaved Israelites were to eat of the sacrificial lamb and mark their door posts with its blood to escape the angel of death. While wandering through the desert following their escape from Egypt, the Israelites were provided manna and quail by the Lord. In the fifteenth chapter of the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus divided seven loaves of bread and a few fish and fed the masses gathered in awe and wonder. At His last supper, Jesus sat with His apostles to rejoice and praise God. As Jesus sat with his apostles, members of the Catholic High student body sit and eat together as a family in Christ every day.

Before its construction beginning in the 2004-2005 school year, the construction of the cafeteria ran into a major obstacle. Principal Dave Cavalier and construction manager Ivy Landry decided to exclude parts of the proposed “cafetorium” that would have included a stage, band room, P.E. rooms, and a middle school athletic practice facility. The original cost of the cafetorium was in the range of 1.3-1.5 million dollars, but due to budget restraints, only a cafeteria was built costing 750 thousand dollars. The cafeteria’s construction was completed in the 2006-2007 school year.

The cafeteria utilizes modern, commercial kitchen equipment and an efficient, two-line design that keeps the lunch lines flowing smoothly and quickly. In a written interview conducted on May 14, 2012, Diocese of Lafayette Food and Nutrition Manager Sara Cannon said, “I like the work hours because I can be home with my nine-year-old son. I also like my co-workers and being around kids.” When discussing the state of the cafeteria’s equipment, Cannon replied, “This kitchen and dining room are larger than other schools where I have worked. They are also in better condition, with newer equipment.”

The cafeteria features a multi-purpose dining area with stained pine ceilings, energy efficient windows and panther-red rafters giving students a classic high school atmosphere to enjoy their lunch time. Though it does not have the athletic training space originally desired, the cafeteria facilitates the nationally recognized Catholic High Dance Team. The indoor social area has similar features and also includes a vending machine area and restrooms. An extra vending machine was added outside near the doors. Outside the cafeteria outdoor social area with panther-red picnic tables and newly painted concrete providing students an area to mingle and study.

As Jesus provided nourishment to his family, the cafeteria staff nourishes students’ physical bodies daily coinciding with the spiritual and intellectual nourishment Catholic High students receive.


A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words

Dining Area

Outdoor Social Area

Indoor Social Area

Vending and Restroom Area

Modern, Efficient Kitchen Equipment

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Voices from the Past and Present

Ms. Jamie Nelson-Hebert, former Development Director of Catholic High, is a committed Mount Carmel Academy Class of 1977 alum who loves sharing the history of our school with others. She gave a lecture to the Catholic High English 101 class on January 18, 2012. The excitement, years of knowledge, and passion for our school flooded the room as she told the class the story of her time at Mount Carmel Academy and Catholic High. These questions were conducted by the author and answered by email from Ms. Nelson-Hebert on May 3, 2012.

Q- Who was the principal at the time the cafeteria was built?

A-   The initial planning took place under Dave Cavalier, construction under Ivy Landry, and the completion and opening was during the first year Dr. Tim Uhl came to school.

Q- How much did the cafeteria cost to build?

A-   $750,000…the original project with full scope was to have cost $1.3-$1.5 million.

Q- Was the construction restricted because of funding?

A-   Yes, the original intent was to build a cafetorium that would have a stage and music room. It would have P.E. classes as well as a multipurpose area that would serve as a middle school P.E. and practice gym.



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