Special thanks to those who helped us with our project:

Mrs. Sharon Hebert LeBlanc, 1968 MCA Graduate, Alumni Relations Director

Mrs. Jamie Nelson Hebert, 1977 MCA Graduate, Development Director, St. Pius Elementary

Mr. Jerry Reynolds, Development Director

Mrs. Jennifer Minvielle, 1997 CHS Graduate, Assistant Development Director

Mr. Ray Simon, 1965 CHS Graduate, Principal

Mr. Smitty Landry, 1942 SPC Graduate

Mrs. Verna Babineaux Patout, 1940 MCA Graduate

Mrs. Harriet Babineaux Shea, 1946 MCA Graduate

Mrs. Joyce Babineaux Indest, 1942 MCA Graduate

Mr. Seth Segura, 1997 CHS Graduate–This Is CHS logo

Mrs. Erin Breaux Henry, 1992 CHS Graduate–Word Press Site Set Up

Mrs. Eugenie Migues Segura, 1972 MCA Graduate–Class Instructor

And everyone who was interviewed or provided photos

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