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Catholic High, New Iberia . . .
dedicated to the development of 4th – 12th grade students through academic excellence and Christ-­centered values
rooted in caring discipline, compassion, and zeal.

Every Place Has a Story

These are the words that make up the unique mission of the beloved Catholic High School. This phrase is pursued by every member of the Catholic High family on and off campus. The purpose of this Mission Statement is to relate to the success of the school’s past with the hopes for the bright future of its students. The idea of creating a Mission Statement began under Principal Dave Caviler in 1999. The original Mission Statement was honored throughout the school for ten years until an adjustment was made to better suit the school. The newer statement was to be simpler but still convey the perfect, powerful message that summarized the school’s purpose. In 2009, under Principal Timothy Uhl, the mission revitalization process began. Forty stakeholders were told tp capture specific themes and motifs of the school. These were to include characteristics of Catholic High School and honor the traditions of Carmelite spirituality and LaSallian history. After this group’s ideas and input were collected, all of the possibilities for the statement were then reviewed by a committee of four (three faculty members and one parent of Catholic High). They created several possibilities from the suggestions and shared them with various stakeholders. The School Improvement Team and Academic Council created a mission statement, a set of belief statements, and an official student prayer based off the ideas and values discussed in the revitalization of the statement. All are prominently displayed around campus.

The Mission Statement creates an image of the Christ-centered education Catholic High School strives everyday to achieve. The unique nine-year program sets the school apart and creates a special sense of community between even the youngest and oldest of students. For this reason, the bond of past alumni is exceptionally strong and important to Catholic High.


…dedicated to the development of 4th – 12th grade students through academic excellence…

Academic excellence is a top priority. The school’s curriculum is rigorous and strives to incorporate the best advanced technology education into the curriculum.

…and Christ-centered values….

Christ-centered values are a key factor in the daily functions of Catholic High. From school wide masses, to rosaries in the chapel, students are encouraged to live keeping Christ a vital part of their lives.

…rooted in caring discipline…

Caring discipline and compassion are part of the Christian brothers’ philosophy. Faculty and staff are known to express how necessary proper discipline and respect is in living as Christian brothers and sisters.


Compassion is shown within the school through everyday actions and to others outside the school through annual service projects.

…and zeal.

Zeal, derived from the motto of the Sisters of Mt. Carmel, is instilled and modeled by teachers who encourage the students to live with a passion for life, learning, and faith. These values create a timeless mission for Catholic High School.


The first alumnus principal, Mr. Ray Simon, CHS class of 1965, proudly lead Catholic High for eight years. He is officially retiring this school year, making the class of 2018 that last class to graduate under his leadership. His endearing presence and encouraging attitude will be dearly remembered and missed by all who have walked the halls of CHS. However, he leaves his second home in good hands. Dr. Stella Arabie will begin her first year as principle of CHS in the fall of 2018. The Catholic High family looks forward to this new chapter in the school’s history. 

A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words

Previous Mission Statement created in 1999

The Mission Statement displayed prominently above on the school’s Web site home page


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