The Making of “This Is CHS”

The Story Unfolds

During their junior and senior years, Catholic High School dual enrollment English 101 and 102 students embarked on a journey back in time to discover the roots of their school.

Students searched and scanned old yearbooks and blueprints; interviewed past graduates, current students, and faculty members; sifted through photographs from various sources; took pictures of their own; and finally designed a virtual tour of the historical background of selected areas of Catholic High. Although each page is visible online from any computer, each location has a nearby a QR code that may be scanned with a smart phone code reader, taking the visitor immediately to the Web page where the location is explained.

Whether you are touring the school from your home or business, or perhaps you are on campus visiting each location and taking the tour with your phone in hand, each Web page opens with a special detail photo of the featured location, a detail not readily noticeable even if you are at the physical site. Information continues with “Every Place Has a Story” where historical information and personal memories of the site come together. “A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words” features photographs from the past and present that tell another kind of story of the special place. “Voices from the Past and Present” is a special section where interviews are presented in various formats. We have also included details on the origins of the school mission, mission prayer, alma mater, and fight song.

If you have any information or photographs that you would like to share with the class, we would love your contribution. Please e-mail


 The Story in Action


Students gather information for the project

Students work together to create each Web page report

Mr. Alfred “Smitty” Landry (class of 1942) tells the class the story of his days at St. Peter’s College.

Three sisters, (Verna Babineaux Patout class of 1940, Joyce Babineaux Indest class of 1942, Harriet Babineaux Shea class of 1946) all Mt. Carmel Academy graduates, share memories of their school days.

Ms. Jamie Nelson-Hebert (a Mt. Carmel Academy graduate class of 1977 and former CHS teacher and development director) shares her vast knowledge of the school and its history.

Checking codes

Codes Are Going Up!

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