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A sign hung outside of the building

This Is Who We Are

Every Place Has a Story

The sights and sounds of the unique and historically rich hallways of de La Salle Hall are the blood and soul of the high school environment at Catholic High School. Thousands of students from 1957 to the present-day have wandered from class to class, interacted with friends, and created many memories between these walls. As the years went on, new developments and technology enveloped the halls but the spirit of those from the past is still evident in small, yet significant pieces of Catholic High history. Although these hallways have been standing for many years and many generations have passed through the unforgettable school that is Catholic High, the goal has remained the same: to provide each student with a superior education, capable of allowing them to succeed in their future.  

The development of Catholic High School began with the opening of Mount Carmel Academy in 1870 and Saint Peter’s College in 1918. In 1957, Saint Peter’s College closed its doors, and its student body was moved to, what is now Catholic High School. CHS functioned as an all-boys school until 1988 when Mount Carmel Academy closed and her all-female student body transferred to the thirty-one-year-old establishment. This left Catholic High School as the only remaining Catholic high school in Iberia Parish.

Catholic High’s high school hallway is named de La Salle Hall after St. John Baptiste de La Salle. This is because the Christian Brothers who founded St. Peter’s College followed his religious teachings. Today, it houses the ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth-grade students with some middle school students making daily trips to their classes in this hall. In 1990 however, it was a building for the eighth through twelfth grades, leaving the seventh and sixth grades in what now is the elementary building.  

After Hurricane Andrew whipped through New Iberia in 1992, a major renovation and expansion project began that added new classrooms, an elementary library, offices, and finally supplied the school with central air conditioning. The 100 and 200 halls were built before the hurricane, then the 300 hall was added on afterward. This 300 hall transverses the two original buildings, creating a closed-in prayer garden that can be seen from the windows of many classrooms and the chapel. 

Though the school has progressed from a small institution to an incredibly large Catholic family, small reminders of the past still linger in the hallways and classrooms. In the science lab of the 200 hall, two old, aged exit signs hang above the two doors leading to the hallways. Built into the floors of the 100 and 200 hallways are small circular heating ducts from before the central air conditioning unit was installed. Before air conditioning became increasingly available, the heating system was built with a complicated maze of pipes under the school floors. The school was also perforated with numerous skylights in each classroom to increase the warmth in the winter and provide an escape route for the heat in the summer. Once the central heating and cooling systems were installed, the floor ducts and skylights were sealed, only to leave a reminder of the pleasantries that former students never truly had.

A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words

“EXIT” sign in the physics classroom

Heating duct in the floor

Heaters used to be built into the floors before the new air conditioning system was added.

A filled-in skylight in room 102

Outside walkway, under construction, connecting the 100 and 200 hallways in 1956

Outside walkway 56 years after construction

Sophomore civics class working on a group project

Freshman religion class in the older part of the hall

An old photo of the hallway before the current ceiling was put into place. This new ceiling allowed for air conditioning and better lights in each classroom.
A statue of St. John Baptiste de LaSalle outside of the hallway.


Voices from the Past and Present

CHS Voices


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