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Inside of Cheryl Courrege Burguieres Memorial Library


Every Place Has a Story

Even with the technology based world that we continuously move toward, a library still holds a special place in every school. When thinking of education and learning, almost everyone reflects on learning to read and write. A school’s library will continue to fuel the fire in students by offering them thousands of adventures and life lessons. At Catholic High School, the Cheryl Courrege Burguieres Memorial Library is in a central location on campus for students to gather to complete schoolwork or a quiet place for students to read. The library was named after Ms. Cheryl Courrege Burguieres because of her dedication to schoolwork and for her dream of building a library for Catholic High School. Her novel, One Centimeter, is a fictional tale based on breast cancer. Many women, including Ms. Burguieres suffer from this horrible disease. The title of the novel is a reference to the size of her tumor.

Catholic High School students once browsed the shelves of the library where the chapel is now located. The current library now occupies the space of the previous cafeteria, which existed since the Catholic High School facility was built in 1957. The old cafeteria could only hold 192 people at one time. This created major problems for Catholic High’s growing student population. A plan came to action once these problems became too large to manage on a daily basis. The cafeteria was stripped and turned into the ‘new’ library in 2005. The library is properly known as the Cheryl Courrege Burguieres Memorial Library. 

Within the main library, there is a room dedicated to Elementary students. Named after Esther Shea, a former teacher and librarian, for her donation of the original computer tables in the library’s lab, the room’s purpose is to give younger Catholic High School students a quiet place to read and a space to explore the titles unique to their reading capacities.


Mission of Cheryl Courrege Burguieres Memorial Library:

It is the mission of the Cheryl Courrege Burguieres Memorial Library to enrich and support the educational objectives of the school curriculum by providing and maintaining quality materials and instructional needs of the school community and to promote lifelong reading and learning for pleasure and information.


A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words

An outside view of where the library is today (area with windows). This photo was taken in 1972  during a major rainfall.


The same view 40 years later


Students attending a meeting in the old cafeteria.


In 2004 students enjoyed lunch in the space where the library now stands.


This picture was taken outside of the current library prior to the conversion of the cafeteria.


Inside of the Esther Shea Elementary Library


Ms. Roberta Landry, former librarian, hard at work in the Cheryl Courrege Burguieres Memorial Library.Mrs. Roberta Landry, librarian for CHS, was CHS’s librarian since 1989. She was first the librarian at Mount Carmel Academy for six years. When the school closed in 1988, she became the librarian for Catholic High School.


Ms. Cheryl Courrege Burguieres



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