We are much more than our name conveys. Located in New Iberia, Louisiana, Catholic High hosts grades 4 through 12 on one campus. This allows us to offer a unique continuity in curriculum across all grades, ensuring that every child receives a quality education and is prepared for the next level. Our elementary, middle school, and high school students each have their own unique spaces and age-appropriate opportunities; yet, the school comes together for things like masses, pep rallies, and athletic events.

Enrollment by Building

Elementary - Grades 4 and 5
Middle School - Grades 6, 7, and 8
HIgh School - Grades 9-12

Success for all learners is the vision of Catholic High, New Iberia. We seek to inspire our students to become confident, self-directed, lifelong learners who keep Christ at the center of their words and actions.


  • The Catholic Church provides the foundation of faith and truth.
  • As a child of God, every person is a valued individual.
  • The school must provide a safe, caring, family-oriented environment.
  • All students have the ability and the need to learn.
  • Students must be provided with engaging, challenging, and diverse learning opportunities.
  • Common goals and shared values, which honor the traditions of the Christian Brothers and the Sisters of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, are a part of the culture, community, and success of our school.
  • A zealous commitment to continuous improvement is imperative.

Meet our talented faculty and staff.

Catholic High School continues a long and distinguished history of Catholic education in Iberia Parish, beginning with the opening of Mount Carmel Academy for girls in 1870 by the Sisters of Mount Carmel.  Three years later, Holy Cross College began offering a college preparatory education to young men of the area.

In 1918 Holy Cross, now named St. Peter’s College, moved to East Main Street with 106 students and 5 Christian Brothers.  The growing school moved to de La Salle Drive in 1957, outside the parish boundary of St. Peter’s Catholic Church, taking the name Catholic High School.  The school became co-educational in 1987 and continues to pride itself on its rich history and traditions.

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