What is your admissions policy and procedure for new students?

As a diocesan Catholic school, we have an open admissions policy, yet applicants must be deemed academically qualified and have a positive behavior record to be offered admission. Catholic High institutes a college preparatory curriculum and has graduation requirements which exceed the minimum requirements of the State of Louisiana. It is the policy of Catholic High School to not admit students who are seeking admission as a result of documented expulsion from another school within one year of the time of application. Completed application and proper documentation as specified on check-list are required for all new students.   New students at Catholic High are admitted under a two-tier system:

Tier I

Tier I is for all students applying for entry into grade 4. This tier also applies to students who apply for admission to Catholic High in any grade from any other Catholic school and to siblings of current CHS students attending non-Catholic schools. Tier I priority is as follows:

  1. Priority I: students currently enrolled in feeder/Catholic schools at appropriate grade levels
  2. Priority II: Incoming 4th graders from non-feeder schools as well as siblings of current CHS students attending non-Catholic schools.

Tier II

Tier II is for all other students applying for admission in grades 5-12 currently attending non-feeder and/or non-Catholic schools. Applicants will be notified if an interview is required.

Homeschooled students are welcomed to apply for admission to Catholic High. Verification of curriculum approved and accredited by the Louisiana State Department of Education must be included with all other required documentation. The application process may require additional testing for placement purposes. These students must also attend a meeting with CHS administration to review the homeschool program of study and consent to a one-semester academic review period.

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