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Guidance Department Summer Hours

The guidance office summer hours are 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. beginning June 1. Our office is closed on Friday June 4th. We will close for the summer on June 10th. We can be reached by email once we close for the summer there could be a delay in returning your email.
Mr. Guilbeau:

Mrs. Williams:

Mrs. Segura:

Sr. Transcript

Class of 2021 graduates may be picked up June 1st / 9 a.m. – 11 p.m. in the guidance department until summer closing. Please review email details previously sent.

Certificate of Attendance Forms

During the summer Certificate of Attendance forms will be mailed. You must use the google link to request the form. Students must go through their school email account to request these forms using this link:

This request could take up to a week to receive.

Printing of your report card

Parents and students should print a copy of the final report card today. The RenWeb link to print your report card will only be available for 1 week. Please print or save a copy to your computer. There are many reasons you may need a copy of your report card over the summer. The window will close June 4th.

  • Sports
  • Insurance purposes
  • To review your final grades for accuracy

Obtaining a minor’s work permit

All certification of minors’ work release forms was recently handed over to the student’s school site. At Catholic High School your certifying officers are Mr. Josh Guilbeau, our guidance counselor, and Mrs. Patrice Williams, our registrar. Students who need to receive a certification form to work must first obtain the employer’s form with the employer, student, and parent signature. The employer form, after it is completed, must be presented to the school’s certifying officer. An appointment must be scheduled to obtain this permit. This could talk up to a week to receive. Please click the link below for more information.

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