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Louisiana Youth Seminar – Webinar 2021 This is the 52nd year of LYS! We have a demonstrated track record of leadership development! 

 LYS 2021 will be an online webinar for one hour daily from July 18-23, 2021. Traditionally LYS is a one week summer camp for 300 high school students held on the campus of LSU. Due to Covid 19, LYS is not able to be face to face. So, LYS has pivoted for the second year to be a weeklong webinar during our traditional third week in July! Our LYS 2021 Webinar is FREE to all who register! Let me say that again “Our LYS 2021 Webinar is FREE to all”. 

How will I participate? Each day by 10 am, registered participants will receive an email and a text with a link to access the content of the day’s one hour webinar. You can also choose to do the webinar with your friends and discuss your learnings; you can do the webinar with your club leaders and your school sponsor and discuss learnings; you can do the webinar by yourself or with others! Your choice! 

Who should participate? Leaders of all ages. We hope to see past and future students (middle school, high school and college), teachers, family members, community leaders, donors, and more. Consider inviting teams you work with to help you all get on the same page and ready to re-engage. Everyone is invited! Some are choosing to get together in small groups to do the webinar and discuss learnings and action steps! 

What will it be like? Participants can participate in the hour of daily content at their own pace and on their own time. The webinar is not a Zoom call! There will be ways in which you can participate directly on the webinar platform as you go through the content. There will also be some Facebook Live events. The content will focus on Leadership themes. 2021 is under construction now! 2020 focused on five areas: 

  • Teamwork and Relationships 
  • Communications 
  • Involvement and Impact 
  • Identifying Your Strengths 
  • Reflection and Growth 

Will I share what I am learning? Once you finish, you can submit written reflections and more! We ask that you submit these before 7 pm for consideration to be included in the next day’s highlights. Those who submit daily will have the opportunity to win prizes and more! 

I haven’t signed up/I know someone else who wants to participate, can they still join? Is there a deadline? What do I do if I have questions? There is no deadline, but each person must register! There is also no reason to wait to register! If your plans change, we understand! We want everyone to join us! Invite your family, teachers, friends and others. Register at Virtual Interest — Louisiana Youth Seminar If you have questions, send us an email at . 

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