Spring Fever Reminders


Please email with a 24 hour prior notice to your Administrative Assistants for all appointments and check-outs. Our closed campus causes some procedural adjustments, especially for student drivers. 


Mass days

Please note that for the rest of the school year, students must attend Mass in order to attend after school activities, unless prior approval is given by Administration. Please review Mass attire guidelines in the student/parent handbook. Dressing in formal uniform fosters reverence and respect for the Mass, and we are noticing some inappropriate outerwear being worn on Mass days. 


While hoodies are permitted this school year, hoods must be off during the school day. Teacher should not have to remind students of this.

Masks, social distancing, COVID protocols

At this time, CHS is still required by diocesan guidelines to require masks and maintain social distancing at all times on campus. There are students who have grown weary of these rules who need continual reminders. Beginning in the 4th quarter, consequences will be given to any students who must be reminded to wear masks over their nose and mouth at any time, especially for our older students. 


There have been some questions about our school guidelines for COVID cases.  Please note that all of our school protocols can be found on our school website. One point of clarification – the current definition of “direct contact” is persons being closer than six feet in distance for 15 minutes accumulating, rather than consecutive as it was at the beginning of the school year.   This is an additional reason that students must adhere to the basic rule of masks over nose and mouth at all times.


Cell phone reminders

Students in grades 4 & 5 may not have a cell phone on campus. Students in grades 6-12 may carry a cell phone with them at school, but it should be turned off at the start of the school day, and it should remain powered off until a student leaves the school building. If a student is observed on his or her cell phone in class, in the restroom, in the hallway, etc… during the school day, the cell phone will be picked up and turned over to an administrator. It is confiscated and locked away in a secure location for three weeks. Additionally, the student is assigned a conduct detention. Students in the car line or awaiting the bus may ask a duty teacher to use a cell phone to call about after school arrangements. If the student has not asked permission, the duty teacher could pick up the phone, turn it into the office, and assign conduct detention.  


End of the school year events

Please check the school calendar.  There may be some changes as we draw nearer to summer.

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