2020 Certificate of Required Attendance (for aspiring drivers)

Are you planning to take Driver’s Education over the holiday break? Do you know of the new requirements for obtaining a permit to take Driver’s Education? Please check with your driving school to be sure you will have all you need.
Please remember to obtain your Certificate of Required School Attendance form in advance of your visit to the DMV. If you have plans for Thanksgiving week you can receive your form from school now. The CHS student must request via the request link before the Christmas holidays.

You will need this form for any visit to the DMV. Driver’s License, driver’s permit, driver’s education permits, and any lost license, all require this form for each visit. Check your requirements. Do you need a copy of your report card? A demographic letter? All these must be requested in advance using the form.

Please have the student request the form here.

Mrs. Patrice Williams will deliver the form to the student at school. Please remember no one will be available during the holiday to get this form for you.

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