Message to Parents 04-01-20

Dear Parents,

I, like many of you, have listened intently and anxiously as we have heard recent messages from our federal, state, and local leaders regarding this pandemic and how it has impacted schools and families across the nation. Like many of you, I do not think I had ever really thought much about the phrase “social distancing” that is now so commonplace in our daily lives. While it is hard to navigate through this unknown time, we continue to look to our faith in God and the love of our school faith community.  Catholic High has been a sense of security and consistency in the lives of our children as they continue to learn and grow under the guidance of their teachers to fulfill our mission of academic excellence in a Christian environment during this time.

For this coming week, Holy Week, we will make a conscientious effort for our focus to be on this very sacred time of the year in which we commemorate and remember the last week of Jesus’ life on this earth marked by the Crucifixion on Good Friday and His Resurrection on Easter Sunday. Each day, there will be activities and services in conjunction with our Board of Pastors and our Office of Faith and Formation. Please continue to stay tuned to our school social media and communications for a full schedule of events.

For the reasons given above, there will be no school functions of learning or school administration Wednesday, April 8 – Monday, April 13. This should also be a time focused on family in which our students and teachers can take a break, refresh and renew, and be removed from email and technology.  School will resume with all functions according to our  CHS Distance Learning Plan on Tuesday, April 14, at 8:30 am. In accordance with updated federal and state stay-at-home guidelines, our earliest possible date for reopening face-to-face school has been adjusted to the first week of May. With that being said, we will continue to take directives from the Bishop and the Diocese of Lafayette to ensure the safety of all students, faculty and staff, etc.

During this time, please say some extra prayers for all members of our school family, especially our seniors, the Class of 2020.  At this time, it is our plan to do our best to find ways to celebrate all of those “Big T” traditions such as Kairos, Prom, and Graduation. With that being said, the uncertainty of this time weighs heavy on our oldest students and their families. While I can say with full confidence that the Catholic High faith community will weather this storm with the strength of our faith, hope, and love in God, this remains very difficult for the Class of 2020 who has spent all of their high school careers looking forward to this time that now, in reality, looks so much different than they had hoped and planned.

Classroom Notices:

  1. As you may remember from my last email, “0” and “M” in RenWeb have been used to serve as score placeholders to inform parents and remind students to complete work that was not submitted completely or correctly. Please note that Monday, April 13 at noon is the deadline for students to resubmit/submit work for full credit on March 19-April 7 assignments. Please contact your child’s teacher this week if you have any questions.

  2. There will be no official progress reports for students.  Quarter 4 grades will close for seniors as planned on April 30.

  3. Parents will no longer receive weekly plans on Sunday.  Those plans will be posted in RenWeb and daily emails will be sent to both students and parents.

Helpful Resources and Reminders

We have created a dedicated page on our Website for updates and tips for families and students during the closure. It includes resources for parents and students, a listing of closure contactstips for Chrome, and full details of the CHS Distance Learning Plan. We put everything in one place for easy access for you. You can find it at https://chspanthers.com/new/blog/2020/03/17/covid-19-information/

As we look forward to Holy Week and take some time to slow down and focus on our faith as a school community, let us remember the amazing testimony of faith of Martha in the gospel this past Sunday. While it is so difficult, we must believe that God has placed us on this journey in times of struggle.

We at Catholic High remain committed to you, our families, that we will make it through this together. When we return to our distance learning plan after Easter, please do not hesitate to contact teachers and administration for any help you may need. Prayers that we can remember that the traditions of the Christian Brothers and the Sisters of Mt. Carmel are alive and well!

With Panther Pride and trust in God’s plan for our lives,

Stella J. Arabie, Ed.D.


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