By loving others I will prepare myself for your coming.  

I will remain ready for your return because I wish to live always in your love.

Matthew 25:1-13

CHS Middle School Religion classes have been sponsoring 3 Bangladeshi children who attend the Sisters of Our Lady of Sorrows (OLS) schools since 2007.  The children have become a part of our prayers and almsgiving during Advent, and they remain in our hearts always. 

These children face unbearable odds, but with education they are much more likely to have healthy, dignified, and happy lives.  The Sisters do all that is possible to give hope and love to those suffering poverty and repression, and our CHS Middle School students have been AMAZING donors in the past, having met or exceeded the goal each year. Our goal is to give $250 per sponsored child to assist with their educational expenses.  Students are encouraged to give of their own money and to earn money by doing extra chores. This year, any donations above our goal of $750, will be sent to the OLS “Bread for Life” program, which provides lunch for the poorest of the poor children, who attend the OLS school in Zimbabwe, Africa, where my sister, Sr. Mavis Champagne, currently lives and works. 

The mission of Our Lady of Sorrows in Bangladesh & Zimbabwe, involves assisting very poor people, especially children and women.  The sisters provide for all school expenses, school materials, teachers’ salaries, etc. with money from generous sponsorships like ours. We are blessed by our association with the Sisters of Our Lady of Sorrows.  We hope that our Advent efforts will change the lives of a few children, and they might also change our lives by making us more aware, generous, loving, and kind.  As we joyously prepare to celebrate the Birthday of Jesus, may we seek to be more like Him in “loving our neighbor as ourselves”.   Matthew 22:39                                                                                                                                                                                   

Please pray for the success of this mission which Mrs. Brenda Smith & I have organized and encouraged for several years.  Mrs. Lindsey Valls will enthusiastically assist in the mission as well this year!  If you would like to assist us in this mission, please contact me at llissard@chspanthers.com.

Peace, Hope & Love, 

Mrs. Lucy Lissard


Quotes of Sr. Carla Bertani, OLS Superior General in letters to us:


“This is what Christmas is all about – thinking of others less fortunate who, like the baby Jesus, are born in conditions of poverty. This is what evangelization is all about – leading others to know Jesus, and for the love of him,  to love one’s neighbor.”


“This is an example of attention to the poor, of willingness to get involved in helping others, of living the missionary spirit of the Church, of steadfastness and faithfulness to doing good.   I thank you in advance for all that you will be able to do, and I know the Lord knows how to reward you, the staff and your students and anyone who joins you.”

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