Driving School for Parents of Young Drivers

Tracy LeMaire, the Sudden Impact State Coordinator, has shared the following valuable information with us:

The Sudden Impact program has developed a 1-hr presentation designed for any parent of a young driver.  Although it is not required for the student to be currently enrolled in a driver’s ed program, each parent that attends will receive a certificate for the child that can be presented to any driving school they do or will attend.

WHEN: Wednesday, December 11th at Lafayette General Hospital; 6:00 pm

This free presentation will provide you with invaluable information to help you navigate your young driver through the new driver experience.  More information pertaining to Sudden Impact can be obtained by contacting me and/or clicking on this link:


Any Driving School representative that attends will also receive a certificate for one (1) CEU.

If you are able to join us, simply fill out the registration form and send it back via email or fax.

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