Student Behavioral Expectations

We would like to remind all of you of a few expectations that the CHS administration and faculty have for our students.

Mass Behavior:

Students should be attentive, reverent, and quiet during the liturgy. We encourage students to respond and sing as appropriate in Mass. Laughing, talking, sleeping or appearing to sleep, and/or being silly and disruptive are not acceptable behaviors in Mass. Teachers and administrators are positioned around the room and will see these behaviors.

If a teacher or administrator refers a student for discipline, because of talking or misbehavior in Mass, the consequence will be a conduct detention. This is especially true for older students.

Cell Phones:

High School students should NOT use their phones in the morning once inside the building and they should wait until they are outside of the building to power it on and use it. Middle and Elementary students should power off phones upon arriving at school, and elementary students must store phones with Ms. Paula Bellman. Students are not allowed to use their cell phones during the day.
Any student who chooses to violate this policy will have his/her phone confiscated for a period of at least three weeks. In addition, the student will have to serve a Saturday, two-hour, conduct detention.


All students are required to be in their complete uniform, worn in the appropriate manner (shirt tucked in, pants not sagging or too tight, shoelaces tied, not walking on the backs of shoes), every day, from arrival on campus until the end of the school day.

Female students’ uniform skirts should be no shorter than three inches in length from the floor when kneeling, all the way around. The consequence for a skirt that is too short is an application detention.

Male students must be clean-shaven. Male students who are not clean-shaven will be sent to shave AND will receive an application detention.

Male hairstyles must be off the collar, above the ear, and above the eyebrows without the use of styling products. Hair may not extend more than two inches off the head in any direction.

We are asking students to reflect on their behavior at Mass, adherence to the cell phone policy, and personal efforts to meet uniform and grooming guidelines. Students who feel that they can do a better job to meet the expectations of the CHS administration and faculty are asked to do the responsible, mature thing and correct their behavior so they do not have to face consequences for poor choices.

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