Daily Announcements 10/29/19


We would like to remind everyone that Wednesday is our HIGH SCHOOL testing day.  9th, 10th, and 11th grade students will be testing all day. All students will be dismissed at 12:30 this Wednesday. Middle school students who attend classes in the high school wing should check with their teachers today to find out where your class will meet on Wednesday.  Middle school students will not meet in any 100 or 300 Hall classrooms in the high school wing on test day.

Pre-ACT testers in 9th and 10th grade must bring their own calculator as none will be available to borrow. Juniors taking the ASVAB cannot bring or use a calculator. PSAT testers in grade 10 and 11 can use a calculator. Student’s testing room assignments are listed on your religion teacher’s door. You will report to the testing room at the 1st bell for roll and announcements on Wednesday. Testing will begin immediately after. 

Students cannot bring any items in the test room other than a pencil or calculator if a calculator is permitted. Absolutely no cell phones allowed in a testing room. 

We ask that all teachers check the Friday email that listed all of the final notices and changes.  We thank you all for your cooperation on our high school testing day. 

If you are a 10th grader and your locker is in the 300 hall, you are allowed to bring your snack to your tester because you will not have access to your locker in the 300 hall during testing.  Turn your snack into your testing teacher if you are affected in this way.



The middle school math club will meet at lunch this Thursday. Meet in Mrs. Adele’s room as soon as lunch starts.

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