After School Parking and Pick-ups

We need the assistance of all drivers who access our campus in the afternoons! We have noticed an increase in two potential safety hazards near our football practice fields and at the end of the bus loop.

  • Parents, students, and visitors should be reminded that parking near the football practice fields from 2pm until practice has ended could mean serious damage to your vehicle due to kicking practice. The school will not be held responsible for any damage to personal vehicles for those who choose to ignore this warning.
  • Along these same lines, there should be no drop-offs or pick-ups past the bus loop after school. That is a no turnaround area with a significant amount of foot traffic. Proper procedure at the end of the day for the Admiral Doyle at Bank Street entrance, for the safety of all students and drivers, is to bear right, enter the bus loop, and turn left to exit. All student-athletes being picked up from afternoon practices must be picked up either in the bus loop or in front of the Disch Gym.

Thank you, in advance, for your cooperation in providing for the safety of all!

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