Citizens for Educational Choice (CEC)

Dear Parents,

The 2019 regular session of the Louisiana Legislature recently ended. Our school is a member of Citizens for Educational Choice (CEC). We need to participate in an electronic advocacy tool designed to help parents of nonpublic school students connect with and influence their state legislators. Parents in our schools should sign up for this tool right away in order to have your voice heard at the State Capitol in Baton Rouge. Please register at the CEC website www.louisianacec.org.

The first time you do this the system will ask you to fill out a user profile with your name, street address, city, state, zip code, and email address. The system neeðs your zip code in order to determine your local legislators. The system will then electronically address the email you will be sending to them. Your name and address will appear at the bottom of the email. The Privacy Policy on the website clearly notes that none of your information will be given to any other entity, either by CEC or the software vendor.

This tool is called Voter Voice and is very easy to use. Once you have registered on the CEC website, you will receive Legislative Alerts from CEC’s lobbyist, Rob Tasman, during the legislative session. The alert will ask you to contact your local legislator (Senator or Representative) which you will do by clicking on an electronic link.

It is very important that the legislator reading the email know that you actually live in his or her district. They know through their campaign work what streets are in their district. The email will look like it came directly from you, thereby maximizing its impact on the legislator. CEC’s name will not be shown on the email the legislator receives from you.

You will only receive three of these action alerts per legislative session. Legislators want to hear from you. The entire email process will only take you 5 minutes, and you will be working effectively at increasing the monies your school receives from the State (by increasing the Required Services funding, as well as defeating bad bills that would hurt our schools and your children. Please join CEC’s voter voice advocacy network by registering at www.louisianacec.org. lt will only take you a few minutes!


Dr. Stella Arabie


Catholic High School

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