St. Joseph’s Altar

CHS Celebrates the Feast of Saint Joseph

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Catholic High School will celebrate St. Joseph’s Feast Day with the weekly all-school Mass (instead of its usual day on Thursday). In the spirit of the time-honored Catholic – Sicilian tradition, the Parents Ministry is putting together a St. Joseph Altar for the day which students will experience through their religion classes.  Along with honoring St. Joseph as a protector of the Church and families, the altar will be a reminder of our need to care for the less fortunate in the community. As such, donations for canned goods/non-perishables and whole fruit will be accepted to be donated to our local Social Services Center and St. Francis Diner.

CHS parents who are interested in contributing to the altar and this experience for our students can do so by providing items for the altar and/or food donations. Please contact the individuals below if you can help:

– Canned or non-perishable food donations: Carrie Templeton 519-9919, carrietemp1978@gmail.com

– Whole fruit and/or fruit baskets: Erin Haik 380-5986, er-haik@cox.net

– Flowers and plants for the altar (live or artificial): Kylie Provost 380-3101, rtac17@att.net

– Candles (real or flameless) & religious items (statues and pictures): Carrie Templeton 519-9919, carrietemp1978@gmail.com

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