Big Red Goes Blue

The George Rodrigue Life and Legacy Tour will make its next stop at Catholic High School!

One of the most famous alumni of our 100-year-old school, Mr. Rodrigue graduated from Catholic High School in 1962. His widow, Wendy Rodrigue Magnus currently travels the nation sharing his art with a through lectures and presentations as well as museum and gallery exhibitions. Mr. Rodrigue passed away in 2013, yet his “…spirit lives eternally within his artwork; but George the man made a real difference in the world, for himself and for others. His story is as inspiring as his paintings!”

Mrs. Magnus will be on campus February 7th and 8th to share George’s art and stories of his time at Catholic High with all of its current students in small group settings. “I’m extremely excited to share original Rodrigue paintings from our private collection with students at his alma mater, Catholic High School. Together George and I traveled worldwide, but of everywhere we went, it was always New Iberia that he loved best.”

To celebrate this occasion and one of Mr. Rodrigue’s most iconic subjects, Big Red is going BLUE! Students are learning about the famous artist’s Catholic High connections and preparing to welcome Mrs. Magnus with banners and decorations. Students are also allowed a free blue dress day on Friday, February 8, 2019 (within normal out-of-uniform dress guidelines, of course).

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