DMV Information for New Drivers

The Department of Motor Vehicles now requires a Certification of Required School Attendance form to be submitted when you apply for driver’s education classes, a learner’s permit or obtain a driver’s license. You will need this if you lose your driver’s license and try to get a replacement. You now need a temporary permit before participating in driver’s education as well. Contact the DMV for more information regarding this new requirement for Driver’s Education or contact your Driver’s Education School.

In order to obtain this certification, please email a request to pwilliams@chspanthers.com near the date you plan to obtain the license or permit. She will need time to prepare it and will notify you when it is ready for pick up in the guidance office. Please remember to keep school holidays and summer break in mind. When our offices are closed there will be no one here to give the form to you. Summer needs and holiday needs should be addressed before the student leaves campus on holiday schedule or summer break. You will not be able to get this form anywhere else or have it emailed because it must be signed by a school representative from the guidance department in blue ink to verify your school enrollment status.

Mrs. Patrice Williams is located in the guidance office (200 Hall near chapel). Mrs. Patrice can also provide a demographic letter and/or report card for you if it is requested. Check your DMV/Driver Ed paperwork to see if this is required for the particular item you are applying for.


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