Guest Speaker Coming 10-03-18

On the afternoon of Wednesday, October 3rd, CHS 6th through 12th graders will attend a presentation by speaker Mr. Sam Mihara, a second-generation Japanese American (Nisei).

Mr. Mihara was born and raised in San Francisco. Due the fear and panic along the West Coast following the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941, at the age of nine, Mr. Mihara and other Japanese-Americans were sent to interments camps located in the western United States.

Mr. Mihara has spoken throughout the county to schools, colleges, law firms, civil rights groups, and other interested organizations about his war-time experience. He was the keynote speaker at the National Council for History Education in San Antonio this past April, of which Mr. Belanger and Mr. Judice were in attendance. One question he asks is, “Could this happen again?”

Mr. Mihara speaks of overcoming an injustice which occurred due to fear on the part of our country. After the war, the Mihara family returned home to San Francisco. Following his completion of high school, Mr. Mihara attended U.C. Berkeley and UCLA graduate school, where he earned engineering degrees. He became a rocket engineer and joined the Boeing Company, where he became an executive for the space programs.

If you would prefer that your child opt out of this program, please email Dr. Arabie. For more information on Mr. Mihara, click the button below.

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