Order Completion Emails

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Order Completion Emails

Why am I getting emails about old orders from Geaux Big Red? Am I being charged again? Should I check my accounts?

When an order is fulfilled, we mark it complete in our system to ensure accurate record keeping. Some pre-orders are for items, such as yearbooks, that may not be delivered until a much later date. This means you may get an order completion notice months after an order was originally made. No additional charges are made, but we certainly understand if you need to double-check with us.

Do we have to get them?

Can you turn off order completion emails to avoid confusion?

We have debated whether to turn off automated order completion emails. Our goal is to make sure families get everything they are paying for, but sometimes an order can slip through the cracks or get forgotten in a student locker or desk. Order completion emails can help remind customers to verify they have received everything. We would much rather receive a response stating, “Hey, I never got that t-shirt,” so that we can follow up than have an angry customer.

Who do we contact if we have a question?

If you have an incomplete order or a question about the ordering system, please email our Director of Technology and Communications, Mrs. Erin B. Henry. Be sure to include specifics in your message so that she can put you in touch with the correct person if she cannot answer your question directly.

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