Behavior Reporting Pilot Set to Begin

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In the spirit of continuous improvement, We strive to evaluate all of our programs and procedures in order to provide your children with the best education possible. One important aspect of education is discipline. As stated in our mission, caring discipline is a hallmark of education at Catholic High School.

In an effort to provide parents with current information on their child’s behavior, we will begin piloting a new program with a select group of teachers for the fourth quarter. These three teachers will be granted access to enter all behavior infractions in and out of the classroom directly into RenWeb. This means parents will receive notice of all violations, however minor, immediately. Parents will also be able to review Behavior events in their ParentsWeb accounts from the student information screen. The three teachers piloting these new capabilities will notify all of their students and their parents directly.

It is our hope that putting this capability in the hands of our teachers will:

  • encourage students to maintain the high behavioral standards expected of them;
  • provide parents with more timely and detailed information about their child’s behavior;
  • provide teachers access to time-saving reporting and communications tools;
  • provide administrators and counselors with a clearer indication of student needs than isolated conduct grades, resulting in early detection and potential prevention of serious incidents.

What does this mean for my child’s conduct grade?

Conduct grades for the classes taught by the three teachers piloting this program will be viewable at all times within a student’s Behavior Details. For example, if a student has 9 demerits issued, his/her conduct grade in the piloting teacher’s class will be a 91/B.

Parents will receive notifications as each violation occurs, so there will be no lag time in communication before a child’s grade reaches the C level.

What if my child receives a violation from a pilot teacher who is on duty?

Violations issued by a teacher on duty will be handled in the same manner they normally would. For the purposes of this pilot, violations issued by a piloting teacher on duty will not directly affect your child’s classroom conduct grade. This does not, however, reduce the seriousness of the event.

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