2018 Region VI Science & Engineering Fair

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Saturday, February, 24th students participated in the  Region VI Science Fair.Forty-eight students representing Catholic High presented their projects!
Susie Bourdier placed 3rd overall in the Junior Division. Cohen Schlicher & Judith Schlicher received the Gulf Coast Safety Group Award.
All 1st and 2nd place finishers (twenty-one!) will compete at the Louisiana Science & Engineering Fair in March.
A quick recap of the category awards:
1st place – 6
2nd place -8
3rd place – 5

University of Louisiana at Lafayette Region VI Science & Engineering Fair

High School

Hallee Mire 1st place Behavioral and Social Sciences
Natalie Henry Caroline Broussard 1st place Systems Software
Emily Garcia Cynthia Romero 2nd place Biochemistry
Kylon Segura 2nd place Biomedical and Health Sciences
Kate Brasseux Paul Macip 2nd place Materials Science
Steven Champ Amanda Hankenhof 2nd place Behavioral and Social Sciences
Carmen Gonsoulin 2nd place Physics and Astronomy
John Bordes 3rd Place Microbiology
Stacie Barrilleaux 3rd Place Chemistry

Middle School

Gabriel Michael Lamperez 1st place Earth & Environmental Sciences
Susie Bourdier 1st place Environmental Engineering
Ruth Helms 1st place Mathematics
Jeanne-Avery Chauvin John Chauvin 1st place Microbiology
Noah Broussard Joshua Cooper 2nd place Biochemistry
Emma Broussard 2nd place Biomedical & Health Sciences
John Viator Bennett Thomas 2nd place Chemistry
Kooper Guilbeaux Lane Davis 3rd Place Materials Science
Luke McGowen Coy Evans 3rd Place Physics & Astronomy
George Bourdier 3rd Place Plant Sciences
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