Work-Study Program 2018 -2019 for Grades 4-12

Families of students in grades 4-12 may qualify for tuition assistance through the Work Study Program. An application must be completed and submitted to FACTS between registration and March 31, 2018 to apply for grants for the following year. Notification of acceptance to the program will be made by June of each year. Assistance through this program will be based on need, will be awarded on a one-year basis, and will not be automatically renewable. THE WORK-STUDY PROGRAM IS NOT A SCHOLARSHIP.

The Catholic High School Advisory Council appoints a committee to serve in making recommendations to administration for the work-study program. This committee will report the selection of participants to the principal, who will then inform parents of the students selected. The decisions of the committee will be final.

Policies for the Work Study Program

For the 2018-2019 school year, work-study hours will be assigned based on amounts of award allocations. High school students and the parents of students in grades 4-8 who receive assistance are required to complete work hours on campus between May 29 – August 2, 2018. Requests for extensions may be made for parents who work during standard work-study hours. Any families who do not fulfill their work-study obligations will not be eligible for tuition assistance for the following academic year.

**Approved family members may contribute to the reduction of a student’s hours by volunteering to work at school as needed. Professional areas of experience (plumber, carpenter, painter, electrician, etc.) are preferred.

**It is the responsibility of each student, and his/her parents, to ensure that all requirements of the work-study program are met. If required service hours are not completed, the award value will be due to the school, and the student will not be eligible for the Work Study Program the following year. Awarded allocations will be applied to the student’s account once work hours have begun.

Work-Study Program Requirements

Academics: The student must meet academic requirements of the school in order to be eligible for the CHS Work Study program.

Conduct: The student must be in good standing with the Dean of Students’ Office, with no major violations. If the Work Study Director deems that a student is not cooperative, the student will be sent home and credit for hours will not be counted. A student who is sent home more than once will be removed from the Work Study program.

Conditions of work study: The student will commit to daily shifts on the stated schedule. Students will be given a 30-minute lunch break. They will not be allowed to leave campus during this time. The school is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items. Students should wear old work clothes and shoes.

Students should be picked up from school promptly at the end of a shift. There will be no supervision after 2:00 pm on any day.

Please contact Mr. Lazaire Guilbeau, Work Study Director, at 337-241-4624 in case of emergency. Please contact Mr. Josh Guilbeau with any questions at (504) 232-3227 or jguilbeau@chspanthers.com.

If there is any reason that you cannot work the hours for which you sign up, it is your responsibility to contact Mr. Lazaire Guibeau at 337-241-4624. Any student who misses more than two scheduled appointment slots will be removed from the Work-Study program.

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