Paving the Way

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We are thrilled to provide an update on this concrete (please pardon the pun) sign of the progress we are already making on our Long Range Plan.

During the Christmas and New Year break, the Bank Street entrance of the school from the administration building all the way to the concessions area, including the bus loop, was closed for resurfacing.  We now have paved surface – concrete and blacktop – from Bank Street at Admiral Doyle Drive all the way into the stadium. Speed bumps will also be in place to control traffic. It is, indeed, a beautiful site to see!

We are confident in the benefits that the completion of this project will provide to our students, athletes, employees, and visitors. It is an important accomplishment in preserving the aesthetics of our campus. The concrete area near our concession stand will provide greater safety and enjoyment for Panther fans. The blacktop surface leading into the stadium and bus loop will eliminate potholes caused by erosion from traffic and weather. Finally, this project completion is a necessary first step in paving the way for our new track.

We ask that you help us protect our investment by observing the following:

  • There will still be no parking inside the fence past the cafeteria.
  • Do not pull off the asphalt to park on the grass. 
  • Use marked parking spaces at the administration building, in the bus loop, and behind the cafeteria for picking up students from after-school practices rather than attempting to wait alongside the practice field or pulling off on the edge of the blacktop.  There will be additional parking by the old tennis courts.

Click any of the pictures below to view the work in progress and end results

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