CHS Science and Social Studies Fair Results

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Senior Division:

1st-Hallee Mire-Hovering Out of Control:  A Study of the Correlation Between Parents Identified Birth Generations and the Helicopter Parenting Phenomenon

2nd-Luke Corona-The Effect of Plate Shape on Visual Projection of Sound Waves

3rd-Emily Garcia / Cynthia Romero-Secrets in the Soil:  Do Organic Fruits Contain Traces of Pesticides?


Junior Division:

1st-Jeanne-Avery Chauvin / John Chauvin-Cleaning up the Clog: Are Antibacterial Chemicals in Flushable Wipes Preventing a Breakdown of Sewage Matter?

2nd-Ava Landry-The Effect of Fidget Devices on Information Retention in Middle School Students

3rd-Ruth Helms-Goal…It’s All About Geometry: What is the Best Angle for Scoring in Soccer?



Senior Division:

1st-Sarah Armentor-Social Media:  Are You Wearing a Mask?

2nd-Emily Rosamond-The Cuban Embargo:  Should it be Lifted?

3rd-Matthew Fangue / Chandler Bertinot-Red, White, or Third-Party Instead?:  Is a Third-party presidential Candidate the Better Choice for American Voters?


Junior Division:

1st-Amalie Bender / Ana Guilbeau-Is Patriotism Still Alive?

2nd-Daniel Trotter-From Hive to Table: The Economic Impact of Backyard Beekeeping

3rd-William Minvielle / Elliot Haik-New Iberia City Ordinances: Past and Present


SCIENCE FAIR – Senior Division – Category Awards


Layne Boudreaux 1st Animal Sciences
Chase Buteaux 2nd Animal Sciences
Kaitlyn Delcambre Michelle Sapienza 3rd Animal Sciences
Hallee Mire 1st Behavioral and Social Sciences
Steven Champ Amanda Hankenhof 2nd Behavioral and Social Sciences
Keith Dupuy Preston Cestia 3rd Behavioral and Social Sciences
Caroline Ross HM Behavioral and Social Sciences
Kylie Guillotte HM Behavioral and Social Sciences
Emily Garcia Cynthia Romero 1st Biochemistry
Hunter Champagne 2nd Biochemistry
Remi LeBlanc 3rd Biochemistry
Emma Beaullieu HM Biochemistry
Kylon Segura 1st Biomedical and Health Sciences
Nicholas Russell 2nd Biomedical and Health Sciences
Elisabeth Boyer 3rd Biomedical and Health Sciences
Christina Viator Madison Bienvenu 1st Chemistry
Stacie Barrilleaux 2nd Chemistry
Reagann Leleux Keaton Arcement 3rd Chemistry
John LaRive 1st Earth and Environmental Sciences
Jason Garcia 2nd Earth and Environmental Sciences
Warner Simon Andrew Mayeux 3rd Earth and Environmental Sciences
Emma Smith 1st Energy: Chemical
Evan LaBiche 2nd Energy: Chemical
Kirsten Ducote Jordan Ducote 3rd Energy: Chemical
Marshall Schexnayder Christopher Landry HM Energy: Chemical
Tiffany LeBlanc 1st Energy: Physical
Nicholas Borne 2nd Energy: Physical
Bryn Bourgeois Marie Resweber 3rd Energy: Physical
Caleb Helms 1st Engineering Mechanics
Kate Brasseux Paul Macip 1st Materials Science
Elliott Gauthier 2nd Materials Science
Giac Pham Logan Belaire 3rd Materials Science
Asa Tibbs HM Materials Science
Samuel Robichaux Harrison Schexnayder HM Materials Science
John Bordes 1st Microbiology
Luke Corona 1st Physics and Astronomy
Carmen Gonsoulin 2nd Physics and Astronomy
Jacob Blanchard 3rd Physics and Astronomy
Thomas Dupuy HM Physics and Astronomy
Taylor Fowler Madeline Lipari HM Physics and Astronomy
Bo Schexnayder HM Physics and Astronomy
Mason Boutte 1st Plant Sciences
Thomas Morris 2nd Plant Sciences
Natalie Henry Caroline Broussard 1st Systems Software
Rhyan Landry 1st Translational Medical Science


SCIENCE FAIR – Junior Division – Category Awards

David LaSalle 1st Animal Sciences
Amelie Anslem 2nd Animal Sciences
Emma Kate Schexnayder 3rd Animal Sciences
Caleb Hankenhof Ben Derouen HM Animal Sciences
Ava Landry 1st Behavioral and Social Sciences
Emily Delcambre Laura Lipari 2nd Behavioral and Social Sciences
Ryan Gonsoulin 3rd Behavioral and Social Sciences
Franklyn Hockless Blair Joness HM Behavioral and Social Sciences
Abigail Guiberteau HM Behavioral and Social Sciences
Zoie Oliva 1st Biochemistry
Noah Broussard Joshua Cooper 2nd Biochemistry
Bailey Hughes 2nd Biochemistry
Paul Billeaud Riley Suire HM Biochemistry
Emma Broussard 1st Biomedical and Health Sciences
Cohen Schlicher Judith Schlicher 2nd Biomedical and Health Sciences
Kiera Green 2nd Biomedical and Health Sciences
Ayden Aucoin HM Biomedical and Health Sciences
Caroline Romero HM Biomedical and Health Sciences
Emily Lewis HM Biomedical and Health Sciences
Anna Olivier 1st Cellular and Molecular Biology
Phoebe Neuville Olivia Cestia 1st Chemistry
John Viator Bennett Thomas 2nd Chemistry
Joerian Gilliam 3rd Chemistry
Nicholas Viator Ashton Thomas HM Chemistry
William Russell 1st Earth and Environmental Sciences
Gabriel Michael Lamperez 2nd Earth and Environmental Sciences
Luke Lissard Laken Breaux 3rd Earth and Environmental Sciences
Lauren Gonsoulin Emma Spiker HM Earth and Environmental Sciences
Baylor Elmer Kolbe Forsythe HM Earth and Environmental Sciences
Kayla Broussard 1st Energy: Chemical
Justin Oubre 2nd Energy: Chemical
Cohen Begnaud 3rd Energy: Chemical
chloe thibodeaux 1st Engineering Mechanics
Susie Bourdier 1st Environmental Engineering
Danny Lewis Trakylon Reno 2nd Environmental Engineering
Zoie Fremin 1st Materials Science
Kooper Guilbeaux Lane Davis 2nd Materials Science
Lillian Latiolais 3rd Materials Science
Hayes Lipari HM Materials Science
Ruth Helms 1st Mathematics
Jeanne-Avery Chauvin John Chauvin 1st Microbiology
Ashton Segura 2nd Microbiology
Ethan Ford Jaden Nicholas 3rd Microbiology
Luke McGowen Coy Evans 1st Physics and Astronomy
Anthony Lopresto 1st Physics and Astronomy
Kate Armentor 2nd Physics and Astronomy
Madelyn Moore HM Physics and Astronomy
George Bourdier 1st Plant Sciences
Madilyn Clause Katelyn Haik 2nd Plant Sciences
Joshua Gonsoulin Tristan Menard 3rd Plant Sciences
Beau Beaullieu HM Plant Sciences
Kevin Le HM Plant Sciences
Chloe’ Batiste 1st Robotics and Intelligent Machines


SOCIAL STUDIES FAIR – Senior Division – Category Awards

Khloe Walden 1st Anthropology
Collin Buteaux 2nd Anthropology
Gabrielle Broussard 2nd Anthropology
JP Theriot HM Anthropology
Amber Boutte 1st Economics
Saylor Tibbs 2nd Economics
Emma Hoffpauir 3rd Economics
Hayden Dartez 1st Geography
Aliese Thornton 2nd Geography
Isabella Bostick 1st History
Grace Snellgrove 2nd History
Trace Williams 3rd History
Carson Freeman HM History
Grant Fortier HM History
Kate Crochet 1st Lousiana History
Trevian Ambroise 1st Lousiana History
Gordon Cazelot 2nd Lousiana History
Capri Boutte HM Lousiana History
Jerry Mullen HM Lousiana History
Olivia Dugas HM Lousiana History
Emily Rosamond 1st Political Science
Conner Michael Judice 2nd Political Science
Sarah Armentor 1st Sociology
Amelia Larroque 2nd Sociology
Lauren Mixon 3rd Sociology
Mallory Macip Olivia Macip 1st Group Anthropology
Luke Rosenzweig Christian Bouton 2nd Group Anthropology
Caroline Bigler Mary Katherine Talley 3rd Group Anthropology
Cameron Hebert Emma LeGros 1st Group History
Journee Mitchell Jade Mitchell 2nd Group History
Noelle Judice Madison Hulin 3rd Group History
Matthew Fangue Chandler Bertinot 1st Group Political Science
Shrayon Thibodeaux Claudia Blackwell 2nd Group Political Science
Hannah Broussard Grace Broussard 1st Group Sociology
Madison Medver Jessica Allen 2nd Group Sociology
Tyler Lissard Caroline Lipari 3rd Group Sociology
Patrick Viator Jacob Judice HM Group Sociology


SOCIAL STUDIES FAIR – Junior Division – Category Awards

Olivia Bell 1st Anthropology
Dane Trahan 2nd Anthropology
Ryan Faucheaux 3rd Anthropology
Alexis Lamm HM Anthropology
Emily Bertrand HM Anthropology
Joshua Theriot HM Anthropology
Daniel Trotter 1st Economics
Lauren Cestia 2nd Economics
Ella Guilbeau 3rd Economics
Mariah Vital HM Economics
Mason Guilbeau HM Economics
Matthew Pellerin HM Economics
Anna Baquet 1st Geography
Hunter Hebert 2nd Geography
Emma Derise 3rd Geography
Ava Fortier 1st Louisiana History
Carson Thibodeaux 2nd Louisiana History
Javon Brown 3rd Louisiana History
Cassie Champagne HM Louisiana History
Kali Larson HM Louisiana History
Blake Gisclair 1st Sociology
Josie Platt 2nd Sociology
Madison C. Broussard 3rd Sociology
Jake Lissard Parker Inzerella 1st Group Anthropology
Emma Tibbetts Kristiana Beniot 2nd Group Anthropology
Karrigan Rouly Brooklyn Daly 1st Group Economics
Tyler Templeton Drew Desormeaux 1st Group Geography
Halle Hadaway Emmaline LaSalle 2nd Group Geography
Hana Maturin Sydnie Cavagnaro 3rd Group Geography
Gabriella Broussard Rylee Borel 1st Group History
Molly Bigler Catherine Poole 2nd Group History
Brennan Jones Alex Lindsey JR 3rd Group History
Amanda Gonsoulin Allison Gachassin HM Group History
Austin Scurria Thomas Beaullieu HM Group History
Anne Dupuy Miriam Romero 1st Group Louisiana History
Paige Comeaux Emma Guillot 2nd Group Louisiana History
Alyssa Evans Jalan Lejeune 3rd Group Louisiana History
Kate Ditch Rosemary Davis HM Group Louisiana History
Amalie Bender Ana Guilbeau 1st Group Political Science
William Minvielle Elliot Haik 1st Group Political Science
Jacob Berard Davian Youman HM Group Political Science





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