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Dear Parents,

Car line incidents are increasing to the point of posing a serious threat to the safety of our students and their families.  In an attempt to rectify these problems, we are making a few changes and issuing reminders.  Please read the guidelines below.

  • de La Salle Drive is a two-way street in the afternoons. The left gate at our entrance will be closed to discourage passing.  Cars may form a second line on the left once on campus.
  • de La Salle Drive is a partially residential street.  Do not attempt to park in or pass through residents’ yards in an effort to avoid or “cut” the line.
  • Please do not arrive at school before 2:30pm for car line.  Arriving before this time only serves to block delivery vehicles trying to deliver equipment and supplies. Our carriers usually make their deliveries around 2:00pm.  Their vehicles are too large to navigate a clogged parking lot and often have trouble accessing receiving areas.
  • Car riders MAY NOT be picked up in the back of school at the administration building or in the bus loop. There is no supervision provided for this area, which is reserved for employee parking and bus traffic.
  • Parents must follow the flow of traffic. Driving against the flow endangers everyone.
  • Use Car Line tags.  Hanging these tags from your rear view mirror helps our teachers on duty to get your child to you safely and quickly at the designated pick up points.
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