Alumni of New Iberia Catholic schools are a remarkable and diverse group who achieve great success in myriad fields. Our alumni base encompasses three schools: Mt. Carmel, St. Peter’s College, and Catholic High. It is our goal to provide resources for alumni to connect with each other and with our current students, to participate in and continue the traditions of Catholic High, and to learn about the growth of the school.


Mount Carmel Academy was founded in 1872. The first girls to graduate were from the class of 1890. Located in the former home of Dr. Henry Duperier, the girls’ school was run by the Sisters of Mount Carmel until its closing in 1988. The beautiful property overlooking the Bayou Teche now serves as corporate offices.


St. Peter’s College was founded in 1918 by the Christian Brothers to provide a Catholic education for boys in Iberia Parish. St. Peter’s College was located where the current city hall and main library in New Iberia now stand; the brothers’ replica of Grotto at Lourdes is the only remaining structure left standing of the school.


St. Peter’s College was moved to the larger de La Salle Drive campus, outside St. Peter’s Catholic Church Parish, opening as Catholic High School in 1957. There has been much change, including the enrollment of girls in 1987 and the expansion of the facility, but the school continues to cherish its traditions and honor its heritage.


The Catholic High School Alma Mater is a fairly new tradition for the Catholic High School family. However, the tune and many its words are not. They originate from a song sung by LaSallian schools in the Philippines that has been around since at least 1961. Adapted for Catholic High, with accompaniment written by then Band Director Christian Bautista, the Alma Mater was first sung at the Commencement Exercises for the Class of 2011.

Hail, Hail,
Alma Mater
Hail to Catholic High!
We’ll hold your banner high and bright,
A shield of red and white,
We’ll fight to keep your honor bright,
And never shall we fail,
Hail to thee, our Alma Mater!
Hail! Hail! Hail!
We’ll wear your crest upon our chest!
Forever C-H-S!


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