“When someone you love becomes a memory…let their memory become a treasure.”-Unknown

Scattered across the school’s campus are the memories of those a part of the Catholic High family that will never be forgotten. Buildings dedicated to generous donors, religious statues donated in honor of those faculty or students who passed away, and many other memorials remind current students of those who have walked the halls before them. All memorials on campus are marked with plaques that read who the site is dedicated to. The memorials can be found in all parts of Catholic High’s campus in the form of plants, classrooms, and a variety of other treasures.

Listed below are monuments of and dedications to Catholic High School family, alumni, and past students.

The Founding Fathers


In the early 1900s, eight men had a dream that would soon become a reality. These Christian brothers aimed to provide a Catholic school to serve New Iberia’s growing community. Their goal would turn into a legacy of catholic education for the next century and beyond. St. Peter’s College, an all boys school, was founded and run by the eight men pictured above. St. Peter’s College would eventually become Catholic High School. The Founder’s Memorial is a large white statue that can be found behind the Development/ Administration Building, across from the practice football fields.

John C. Allain (1948 – 1980)


Whether the National Anthem is being played by the band or sung by a passionate vocalist, everyone gathered at Panther Stadium turns to look at the flagpole dedicated in memory of John C. Allain, pictured above. The flagpole serves as a reminder of Allain and his time at Catholic High as well as displaying the school’s patriotism. Pictured below is Catholic High’s football stadium filled with football fans facing the dedicated flagpole with their hands over their hearts during the National Anthem on game night during the 2014-2015 football season.

Lt. Col. Richard S. Allain, Jr. (1947 – 1987)


The flagpole located at the front entrance in front of Catholic High School is in memory Lt. Col. Richard S. Allain. The Allain family donated flagpoles to the school in honor of the brothers. Richard Allain, pictured above, was a 1965 graduate of Catholic High and served in the United States Air Force after graduation. The plaque stating the flagpole’s dedication, pictured below, can be found at the bottom of the flagpole.


Kristen Barras (December 7, 1988 – December 7, 2006)


Located in the green area behind Christ the King Hall, also known as the High School wing is a growing tree (pictured below) in memory of Kristen Barras (pictured above). Kristen was a senior at Catholic High School in the 2006-2007 school year. She was a 12-year student at Gail Freeze school of dance and a very involved member in the New Iberia community. Kristen worked at St. Edward’s After-Care program and as a summer counselor for the New Iberia Recreation Department.


Patrick Bouillion (Dec. 13, 1952 – Aug. 6, 2008z)/Dave Cavalier, Jr. (Living)


The 508 Memorial Classroom is dedicated to Mr. Dave Cavalier (left) and Patrick “Mr. B” Bouillion (right). Mr. Cavalier had this classroom dedicated to Mr. Bouillion and himself because of their overwhelming dedication to Catholic High School. Mr. Cavalier served as principal for many years, and he supervised his major “Building the Future” project.

Mr. Patrick Bouillion, like Mr. Cavalier, was more than just a faculty member and teacher at Catholic High School. Mr. B, as most students referred to him, first joined the Catholic High family in 1999. He left a forever lasting impact on the school. Mr. B was a leader, friend, and most importantly a role model for students and faculty members alike. With a zest for life, Mr. B was able to reach students who seemed unreachable and even lead teams, such as the 200 Quiz Bowl team, to amazing state victories. More than anything, he was described as “irreplaceable” by his peers. His Memorial being a classroom truly displays his accomplishments and all that Mr. B stood for as a teacher.


Marie Louise Allain (Jan. 21, 1999 – Feb. 24, 2006)


Pictured above is a statue dedicated to Marie Louise Allain. It is located in front of the current Band room. The statue is of Jesus Christ welcoming children.


Cheryl Courrege Burguieres (Aug. 23, 1944 – May 9, 2005)


The current Catholic High School Library is dedicated to Ms. Cheryl Courrege Burguieres. See Cheryl Courrege Burguieres Memorial Library for more information.

Huey Darby (Dec. 28, 1934 – Sept. 24, 2003)


A true hidden gem, Huey Darby (pictured bottom right) was a star football athlete and 1954 graduate of St. Peter’s College. Darby graduated from the University of Southwestern Louisiana and served his country in the U.S. Navy during the Korean War. Darby’s most well known accomplishment was the forty years he spent as a successful radio announcer. This earned him a spot in The Louisiana Music Hall of Fame in 1993. His memorial statue of St. Peter was dedicated to the Students of Catholic High School by his daughter Jodie and her husband, Michael Suire in Mr. Darby’s name.


Blake Dartez (April 18, 1990 – Oct. 29, 2007)


Blake Dartez can be commonly heard across Catholic High School’s campus in remembrance of his meaningful life. Thanks to Blake, his family, and fellow friends, students are able to serve the New Iberia community in monumental ways by giving to the less fortunate in our community. The man behind the Books and Baskets Project was nothing short of an exceptional athlete, friend, son, and Catholic. Blake (pictured bottom right) was a part of Catholic High’s Tennis team and can be described as someone who was always willing to help others. He enjoyed going to church and spending times with his friends and family. His caring and giving nature has made a lasting impact on Catholic High as a whole and will continue to make an impact. His memorial (pictured above) can be found in the prayer garden and also displays the names of students who have passed away during their time at Catholic High School, Mount Carmel Academy, and St. Peter’s College.


Brock Delcambre (July 7, 1985 – August 7, 2006)


Brock Delcambre (pictured top left) was an ‘all-around’ southern boy who enjoyed spending his time hunting and boating. A 2003 graduate from Catholic High School, Brock played on the Panther football and baseball teams in addition to being a member of the CHS 4-H Club. Brock was also a part of the Youth Uplift Program at St. Peter’s Catholic Church amd as altar server at St. Marcellus Church. He shares a memorial with Nick Falterman, a fellow football player. A plaque with their names can be found on the outside wall of the weight room.

Msgr. John H. Disch (Dec. 27, 1914 – Sept. 3, 2006)


The Monsignor John Disch Gym is dedicated to a well deserving priest-Monsignor John Disch (pictured bottom left). Msgr. Disch was born and raised in New Iberia, and was the first pastor to ever be appointed at St. Peter’s who had been a parishioner there in his early life. Msgr. Disch was also given the honorary title of “Vicar of Architects” for his overseeing in many construction projects. Most importantly, Msgr. Disch valued the importance and quality of Catholic education.


Brittney Claire Dugas (May 18, 1989 – Feb. 18, 2007)


When passing through the hallways of Catholic High, it is almost impossible to miss the beautiful white soccer jersey (pictured below) belonging to Brittney Claire Dugas (pictured above). Brittney was a senior during the 2006-2007 school year. As a student at Catholic High, she was an integral part of the Lady Panthers’ Soccer Team and Campus Ministry. Family and friends often described Brittney as being a socialite that loved being around her friends, as well as being a beautiful person both inside and out.


Nicholas Falterman ( – Sept. 27, 2003)


Nicholas Falterman (pictured bottom right) was a freshman at Catholic High School where he played on the Catholic High Freshman Football team. Nicholas enjoyed hunting, fishing, and traveling. Amidst his extracurricular activities, Nicholas was an honors student at Catholic High. There are two memorials on Catholic High’s campus dedicated to him. There is a memorial tree (pictured above) which can be found near the bus loop on campus. The other memorial is shared with Brock Delcambre. It is a plaque on the outside wall of the weight room.

Brother Richard Kovatch F.S.C. (Alive)


The dedication plaque to Brother Richard Kovatch (pictured left) was given in recognition of his outstanding contributions as principal of Catholic High School during 1989-1995. He is remembered as the last Christian Brother to serve as principal at CHS. His plaque serves as a reminder of the brothers’ impact still present in our school today. Brother Kovatch is currently an English teacher at St. Paul’s Lasallian Catholic School in Covington, Louisiana.

Inez Molbert (August 9, 1931 – January 18, 2001)


All who knew Inez “Nez” Molbert (pictured bottom left) described her as the welcoming matriarch figure that every school needs. As an elementary religion teacher, Nez had a wonderful sense of humor and caretaker spirit. Her kind presence made any Catholic High newcomer feel welcome to the school. A St. Francis of Assisi statue, pictured below, is located on the elementary playground. The first classroom on the left in the Carmel Hall is also dedicated in memory of her.

Odette B. Pharr (June 23, 1909 – April 22, 1994)


Mrs. Odette B. Pharr (pictured bottom left) worked with St. Peter’s College as one of the first female and non-Christian Brother faculty members. She served the school as secretary, librarian, bookkeeper, and nurse. The current Biology Lab, room 202, is dedicated to Mrs. Pharr. The lab is pictured above.

Jeffrey (Mar. 14, 1981 – Dec. 29, 1996) and Jonathan Sargent (Mar. 14, 1981 – Oct. 13, 1999)


Jeffrey, pictured above on the left, and Jonathon, pictured on the right,  Sargent were students at Catholic High School in the late 80s and 90s. Outside of the Administrative building sits the Sargent Memorial (pictured above) dedicated to the twins. Below are pictures and yearbook clippings that exemplify their personalities.

E.S. “Buddy” Shea, Jr.


Classroom 505 in St. Peter’s Hall is dedicated in memory of E.S. “Buddy” Shea, Jr. Buddy Shea is pictured bottom left, and the classroom is pictured above.


Esther Marie Shea (Jun. 3, 1921 – Nov. 13, 1992)



Cornelius and Odette Voorhies/St. Peter’s College Class of 1945


The Statue of St. John Baptist de Lasalle, pictured below to the left, was donated by the 1945 class of St. Peter’s College. The statue was then restored in memoriam of Cornelius and Odette Voorhies. The plaque, pictured bottom right, reads that Lasalle is the patron saint of teachers and the founder of the Christian Brothers. Cornelius Voorhies is pictured above in his 1924 graduation portrait.

Dr. Donald “Doc” Voorhies (Living)


Anyone who knows Catholic High School knows Dr. Donald Voorhies, pictured above. “Doc” embodies the CHS spirit as an alum and asset to the Panther family for many decades. Not only is Doc a magnificently intelligent individual, but he is also extremely caring and giving to both the school and community. He is known for giving so much to students, whether it be academic, spiritual, or monetary needs, Doc is there to help. Doc has taught thousands of students during his time at Catholic High, and his talents and generosity are still shared with students in his classroom today. Classroom 110, plaque pictured below,  in the High School Hall is dedicated to Doc. He can be found there teaching students a variety of math classes throughout the school day. Doc’s current and past students describe his class as life changing and mind blowing.

Henry Walet (December 1, 1912 – October 8, 2006)


Located behind the band room stands a memorial tree in honor of Henry Walet.



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