Extracurricular Activities


This is the current crest of Catholic High School.


With so many different personalities and interests scattered throughout the school, Catholic High has provided numerous extracurricular activities throughout the past century. Before 1987, St. Peter’s College and Mt. Carmel Academy offered an abundance of both academic and social clubs that complemented the education the students received. Ranging from Glee Club to Yearbook Club, these extracurricular activities formed a safe haven from the chaotic world of schoolwork.

The image included above is the cover of the first edition of The Panther, which was designed by the Yearbook Club back in 1938.


  St. Peter’s College was a host for many unique extracurricular activities that enhanced the student life and set itself apart from nearby schools. This college preparatory school offered several unusual clubs that became popular amongst the students such as the Rodeo Club, Mu Alpha Theta, the Altar Boy Society, and The Knights of the Divine Child.

Kevin Gonsoulin and Bryan Lalande were the two members of the 1986 Rodeo Club.


Mu Alpha Theta Club was a club that invited students who excelled in Math. The picture above is the Mu Alpha Theta Club of 1970.



This is the Mt. Carmel yearbook from 1952. It is a depiction of the school’s campus.


As an all girl school, Mount Carmel Academy was an institution that stood out in the small town of New Iberia. Having such a distinct characteristic allowed the school to provide clubs and extracurricular activities added to its originality. Glee Club, Sodality Club, and the Pep Squad were a few of the uncommon extracurricular activities that were active at Mount Carmel.

Pictured is the Mount Carmel Glee Club of 1950. This club specialized in the singing of short songs and melodies.


The Sodality Club was an organization dedicated to Mother Mary. Pictured to the above are the 1954 Sodality Club Officers, Stephanie Landry, Fay Doiron, Rose Marie LeCompte, Fr. R. Moag, Patti Smith, and Sylvia Rose.



Catholic High School today continues to offer a variety of extracurricular activities. Service clubs include Key Club, Student Council, and Beta club. Resembling clubs, teams have been formed by people who share similar values. For example, retreat team is a group of students who enjoy spreading their faith to others; Music Ministry is composed of teenagers that fill the Disch gym with their unique voices every Thursday at mass; also, the Pro-Life team contains students who are determined to save the lives of the defenseless. Last but not least, The band, reestablished in 2010, is a great extracurricular activity for the musically talented.


Some of the Pro-Life team pilgrimages to Washington DC every January for the annual Pro-Life March. Depicted above is the group of students that braved the cold in January 2018 to save lives.


The original Panther Band of 1933.
The  2016 Band wearing their current marching uniforms.