Faculty and Staff

The Catholic High School motto “Acta Non Verba”, which means “actions not words”, is not only a principle set to guide students inside and outside of school hallways, but it is also applied to how mentors should promote the spiritual and academic growth of young people in the classroom. Saint Jean-Baptiste de La Salle, educational reformer, founder of the Institute of the Brothers of Christian Schools, and patron saint of teachers, supported this claim by teaching his Christian Brothers that “example makes a much greater impression on the mind and heart than words.” When a group of Christian Brothers lead by Father John M. Langlois arrived in New Iberia, Louisiana to open Saint Peter’s College on September 9, 1918, the religious community set Saint Jean-Baptiste de La Salle’s philosophies as the foundations for educating and forming young boys in the area. Teachers and administrators have upheld the beliefs of the Christian Brothers and Carmelite Sisters through the past 100 years as Saint Peter’s College and Mount Carmel Academy have become Catholic High School. The institution is comprised of faculty and staff that are dedicated to impacting the lives of the students they serve.

Administration and Staff Throughout the Years

The staff at Catholic High School has changed significantly since the establishment of Saint Peter’s College in 1918. As the student body became larger and the demand for more teachers grew, lay teachers began to work alongside the Christian Brothers at SPC. When classroom space became limited at Saint Peter’s College, the school was moved and rebuilt at its current location on de La Salle Drive. In 1957 when the school moved locations, it was also renamed Catholic High School. Catholic High School developed a connection with Mount Carmel Academy, an all girls school founded by Mother Saint John and the Carmelite Sisters, when the all boy’s school opened its doors to girls in 1987. Many of Mount Carmel Academy’s students moved from MCA to CHS. Mount Carmel Academy closed down the following year, and the Carmelite Sisters left New Iberia. The Christian Brothers progressively left New Iberia also, and Catholic High School was left under the administration of laity in 1995 when the last Christian Brother, Brother Richard Kovatch, left Catholic High. Catholic High School’s administration and staff today is still primarily comprised of laity who live out the mission of Saint Peter’s College and Mount Carmel Academy to educate young men and women through their own words and actions.

Rt. Rev. Msgr. John M. Langlois

Reverend John M. Langlois was the founder of St. Peter’s College.

Rev. Msgr. Ignatius Martin, Superintendent of Mount Carmel Academy

Reverend Monsignor Ignatius Martin served as superintendent of New Iberia Catholic schools Academy from 1950 to 1967.

Mother M. Dorothy, O’Carm

Mother Dorothy was an early principal of Mount Carmel Academy.

Brother Richard Kovatch

Brother Richard Kovatch was the last Christan Brother at Catholic High. His last year at the school was 1995.

From hitting the books to teaching them: alum teachers through the years

Ray Simon

Doctor Donald Voorhies

Doctor Stella Arabie

Milton Belanger

Josh Guilbeau

Eugenie Segura

Alix Stelly

Andrew “Brent” Indest

Kate Migues

Ashley O’Connor

8th Grade picture in 2000
Senior picture in 2004
2015 Faculty Picture



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