Student Life

Pictured: A group of graduating seniors pose for a picture in St. Peter’s Church. (2015)

Student life consists of all of the aspects that Catholic High students encounter on a daily basis from pep rallies, sports, and competitions to clubs, service projects, and academics. Throughout the decades, student life has transformed to coincide with changing times. Catholic High School has always maintained a modernist culture while holding on to the rich traditions of the past. The small-knit community allows for the ultimate in-classroom and out-of-classroom experience. From class time to sporting events and fundraisers, all of these elements contribute to the Catholic High School experience.

CHS Field Day & Cajun Fun Fest

The CHS Field Day was a day to focus on faith, family, and fun. It consisted of games, music, and good food. This long lasting Catholic High tradition was renamed in the mid ‘80s to the Cajun Fun Fest, and the annual celebration continued until the early 2000s. In the 2017-2018 school year, CHS hosted the Cajun Fun Fest once again to celebrate the centennial year.

Pictured: Volunteers serve plate lunches at the annual Catholic High Field Day. (1982)

Pictured: Students walk away with prizes after winning games at the Cajun FunFest. (2001)


Pep Rallies

On Fridays during football season, the Catholic High gym is loud and full of school spirit as the students get fired up for the night’s football game during pep rallies.Skits, cheers, and games make up a large part of the activities used to get the football boys ready for the upcoming competition.. In the days before CHS became co-ed, pep rallies were held on Thursday evenings to allow the Mount Carmel girls and family members to attend.

Pictured: A group of students put on a skit at a pep rally in the Disch gym. (1981)


Football Game  

Pictured: Young ladies from Mount Carmel cheer on the Catholic High Panthers. Although girls and boys learned on separate campuses, they maintained steadfast support for each other. (1979)


Classroom Life

The classroom is a integral part of student life. The small population in CHS classrooms allow for more one-on-one tutoring and for building positive student-teacher relationships.

Pictured: Two students kick back and casually discuss the day’s lesson. (1986)


St. Peter’s College Classroom 

While modern yearbooks showcase a plethora of student activities outside of the classroom, during this era, the only photos of students were of them in their learning environment.  

Pictured: The St. Peter’s College junior class of 1945 poses for a class photo. The classroom is arranged in formal rows and boys wear coat and tie to fit the occasion.


Recess & Lunch

Recess and lunch are where many high school, middle school, and elementary school.  memories are made. This downtime allows a break for the student’s busy class schedules and gives them time to socialize with friends.

Pictured: A fourth grader runs across the playground at recess. (1998)

Pictured: A middle schooler grabs a lunch and poses for a picture. (1990)


St. Peter’s College School Bus 

Unlike the familiar yellow school buses that can be seen on the grounds of Catholic High School today, this smaller bus brought students to and from St. Peter’s College in 1938.


For nearly two decades, the senior class has experienced the Renaissance Festival in Hammond, Louisiana. The festivities include jousting competitions, medieval themed foods, and extravagant performances. These annual visits to the fair are for inspiration for the CHS version of the “Panthalot” Renaissance in the CHS Disch gym, which originated in the Spring of 2001.

Pictured: A CHS student gets put into the stocks on the senior trip to the Renaissance Festival. (1997)



An important part of student life is the various clubs in which students participate. These clubs focus on either out-of-school or in-school service projects. For example, the Key Club and Octagon Club participate in various activities geared towards the betterment of our New Iberia community. Other clubs’ main purpose is for like-minded people to get together. Clubs such as Student Council and Spirit Committee hone in on aspects of student life and on-campus activities. Also, the Math Club and Robotics Club are specifically created for students who excel in and genuinely enjoy those pursuits.

Pictured: Two Catholic High book lovers sip coffee and discuss their latest read at a Café Rouge Club meeting. (2007)


Decorating for Homecoming

Pictured: The members of the 1966 Student Council work diligently to complete a banner for the Panthers homecoming football game.


MCA yearbook club 

Pictured: Yearbook club members work tirelessly on the 1964 publication of Carmel.



As students get older, CHS begins to prepare their upperclassmen for life after high school. Catholic High’s Career Expo consisted of local professionals speaking to students about their jobs to give them an idea of their possible career choices. The sophomore class ventures to UL every year to participate in the job fair, an event which exemplifies a broad scale of careers. In 2018, the junior class participated in a state-wide ACT testing which allowed students to test during the school day.

Pictured: A conversation between a member of the U.S. Army and a CHS student at the Career Expo. (2005)


Letterman Jackets

A momentous event for many junior and senior athletes and excelling students is the Letterman Jacket ceremony. Students gather with their parents to be awarded their jackets for participating in varsity sports or for maintaining academic excellence.

Pictured: A CHS athlete receives his letterman jacket from his mother. (2016)


Torch of Knowledge award  

The Torch of Knowledge award is given to students who earn points for their involvement in school-related clubs and activities, GPA, and out-of-school projects as well. In 1951 these two deserving students were awarded the Torch of Knowledge.

Pictured: Recipients of the Torch of Knowledge award. (1951)


Senior Rings 

Pictured: Newly recognized senior boys show off their class rings. (1975)


Poe Day

Poe day is an annual event that takes place in every english class throughout the high school. The students are required to write an Edgar Allen Poe inspired story or poem and bring a Poe inspired dish.  

Pictured: High School english teachers are dressed and prepared to spend Poe Day with their students. (2013)


Senior Week

Senior Week consists of the Faculty vs. Seniors basketball game and the Big Man on Campus competition. BMOC was formerly a one night pageant for senior boys and was recently changed to a week long event consisting of various games that allows the boys to accumulate points. Also, the basketball game used to include donkeys which unfortunately is not an aspect of the event anymore.

Pictured: Senior, Derek Gaspard, and his mother dancing during the mother/son dance at the end of the BMOC pageant. (2010)

Pictured: A faculty member rides into the CHS gym on his donkey for the basketball game. (1983)


Junior and Seventh grade boys 

During their free time, the seventh graders of St. Peter’s college challenged the juniors to a friendly game of baseball. Rather than a small white ball and bat, they settled for a large ball and a wooden stick. (1947)

Pictured: Juniors of St. Peter’s College

Pictured: Seventh graders of St. Peter’s College


How To Be A Panther

Every year, a group of senior students put on the How To Be A Panther Program, which introduces and welcomes the student body into the incoming school year. It includes talks about the school rules, clubs, spirit, and the new year’s school theme. It is an integral part of transitioning from the summer break and familiarizing new students with the culture of our school.

Pictured: Campus Ministry displaying their unique personalities as Catholic High Panthers. (2017)


Pictured: A gang of high school students arrive on campus on their motorcycles and are dressed to impress. (1975)


Living Rosary  

Mount Carmel girls and Catholic High boys combine forces to host a living rosary during Catholic Youth Week. Boys and girls gathered in Catholic High’s gym for the event. (1959)


St. Peter’s College and Mount Carmel Students 

These images showcase the special relationship between the St. Peter’s College and Mount Carmel students. They shared laughs, dances, and a love for cheering on the Panther football team. However, they did not share the same hallways until the Fall of 1987. (1952)

Pictured: Seniors from Mount Carmel visiting the grounds St. Peter’s College. 

Pictured: Students from Mount Carmel and St. Peter’s College


Sadie Hawkins  

Mt. Carmel girls and Catholic High boys attended each others dances regularly. In traditional hoedown style, a couple has fun square dancing at the Sadie Hawkins dance. (1972)