“…dedicated to the development of 4th-12th grade students through academic excellence….”

Catholic High School continues to place the utmost importance on academics through its prestigious college preparatory curriculum and educational activities. Students that attend Catholic High are known for their ability to balance academics, sports, clubs, and other extracurricular activities, both in school and out, while still maintaining and achieving impressive academic records. Catholic High students have displayed their academic potential through their success in District and State Literary Rally, National Honor Society, and the National Beta club. While some classes have been retired since the transitions of St. Peter’s College and Mount Carmel Academy to Catholic High School, many classes are still offered in the classroom today. In addition to the basic core classes, Catholic High School continues to offer more diverse and higher order thinking classes to all its students in grades four through twelve.


Mount Carmel Academy

As seen above, five young ladies from Mount Carmel Academy are shown working on their yearbook in the class of 1953. Yearbook is still offered as an elective class today at Catholic High School.  


The twenty-nine young ladies of the Mount Carmel Academy 1956 Library Club are pictured above. Although Catholic High School does not have a Library Club, the school offers a similar elective titled Library Science to seniors interested in learning how a library works and enhancing organizational and educational skills.


The Mount Carmel Academy 1963 Beta Club is shown above. Beta is still a popular club at Catholic High School. Betas enjoy attending State Convention, and those who place at State Convention are invited to attend National Beta Convention. Every year, many CHS students travel to the various host states of the National Beta Convention and have a blast!


Seen above are the Mount Carmel Academy 1972 French Rally students. Catholic High School is a major participant in Louisiana District Literary Rally with many students going on to compete at the state level.


Pictured above are the exemplary young women of the Mount Carmel Academy 1980 Math Club. Just as these students strived to excel in mathematics, middle schoolers at Catholic High School who share the same goals are invited to join Mathcounts. This is the only nationwide program that hosts annual mathematics competitions for Middle School students at various locations throughout the United States.


St. Peter’s College

Pictured above are the members of the St. Peter’s College 1937 Debate Team. Although Catholic High School does not currently have an active Speech and Debate Team, teachers encourage positive debates over academic topics in the classroom.


The St. Peter’s College 1947 Elocution winners are pictured above. Catholic High School continues to host an annual Elocution Week for students in grades four through eight. The week finishes with a competition between the students who have earned the highest scores in their respective English classes. The winner receives the title of Grand Champion.


Pictured above are the members of St. Peter’s College’s 1956 Literary Rally team.


Catholic High School

Catholic High School 1960 Speech tournament winners. Many CHS students continue to compete in Speech events through clubs and teams, including the National Beta Club and Literary Rally. Catholic High School has held multiple national titles for Speech in the National Beta Club.


Catholic High School 1974 Debate team wins third place in the Cavalier Tournament. CHS students have always excelled in competitions regarding Speech and Debate.


Donald “Doc” Voorhies is one of Catholic High School’s most prized alumni and staff members.  Doc is shown above in 1983 busy grading his famously difficult test. 


Zachary Broussard is shown above at the UL Science Fair in the Blackham Coliseum. This project of solving the Y2K problem proved to be enough to bring him to the State Science later that year in 1999.  


In 2017, Doc Voohries teaches in the same classroom he was pictured in before.


Matthew Fangue is seen above at the 2016-17 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Los Angeles. Matt placed fourth out of 150 other participants in his category.