110 East Main Street


Every Building Has a Story

In the year 1898, Antoine Ackal and his family, the owners of Bowab’s department store, were preparing for the grand opening of their next department store in downtown New Iberia. Known as A. Ackal’s Department Store, it served as a premier clothing, jewelry, and novelty store on 110 E. Main Street. Because it opened before the time of automobiles, Mr. Ackal and his employees would take sample clothing items out to rural locations, get the measurements of customers, and then return to the store on Main Street where he would tailor the clothes. Once the tailoring was completed, Mr. Ackal would deliver the clothes back to the customers. When the automobile grew more prominent during the 1920s, the people of New Iberia and its surrounding areas were able to travel more conveniently into the city. This is when the area’s citizens shopped the department store daily. The upper level of the building, seen through the top line of windows, was occupied by the store’s owner and manager who would supervise the store and confirm that things were running smoothly. The store remained at this location for over eighty- five years before it closed in 1983. For approximately a decade and a half, the building housed a jewelry store, and for a few years, it was a pottery making shop called Blueberry Bisque. In 2005, New Iberia native Scott Breaux bought the property to house his photography business, Scott A. Breaux Fine Art Photography. Since then, he and his wife have restored the building and used their beautiful downtown location to serve as a backdrop for countless photographs.

If Walls and Windows Could Talk

A quaint building with style and recently revived features describes the structure located on 110 E. Main St. With a pleasing blue brick façade and crème bricks highlighting the masonry, this building shows intricate detail and simplicity all at once. Its architectural style is that of Arts and Crafts, expressing the affordable elegance of geometric brick detail. Although appearing to be a false front, the building’s ceilings actually do reach to the height of the exterior storefront. Eight large display windows sit atop cement bulkheads and showcase photographs while leading into the building’s glass doorway with crème terrazzo flooring. Above the display windows sits a beautiful copper storefront cornice centered with a copper diamond. A row of small windows with one light in a horizontal fenestration is outlined with crème paint and wood and sits just below the large “Photographe” marquee across the façade. 110 E. Main has upheld many historically accurate features and maintained the original design of the building.

A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words

An iron mark showing the company that completed the iron work for the building, Geo L. Mesker & Company, Architectural Iron Works of St. Louis Missouri

A intricate detail in the gorgeous ironwork near the tops of the storefront windows

A photo taken of the facade of 110 E. Main St. by Scott A. Breaux, current owner and occupant of the building and local photographer

Making Headlines

A clipping from a 1983 Daily Iberian newspaper announcing the closing of Ackal’s department store, after 85 years of busines


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