Weekly Iberian–Steinberg Furs

232 West Main Street

Every Building Has a Story

Before becoming a daily publication,  the Daily Iberian was published weekly.  It began in 1894 by a man named Emelius F. Millard. On February 3, 1909, he moved the business to the building on 232 West Main Street, purchased for $1,560.00, where it remained even after his death in 1920 when it was handed down to his wife, Stella Millard. While it was the home of The Weekly Iberian, the building also housed The Southern Belle Telephone and Telegraph Company of New Iberia. Millard sold to the building to Emanuel Steinberg on April 29, 1936, for $6,750.00, and he moved his business, known as Steinberg Furs.  It remained under possession of Steinberg until December 22, 1976, when the structure was sold to Carolyn Steinberg Yuseph and Sylvan J. Steinberg, the children of Emanuel, for $20,000.00. They kept ownership of the property until July 2, 1993, when they sold it to the current owners, Frederick H. DeCourt, Sr., and his wife Ruth Segura DeCourt, who have continued to rent out the building Laris Insurance LLC.


If Walls Could Talk

The most noticeable architectural detail of the building is its large circular window that in the lower left-hand corner, transforms into a rectangle running across the façade. The window was originally four large French doors that mimicked the second story windows, but they were later replaced with the large window and architectural glass that currently cover the face of the building under the canopy to accommodate for the want of an art-deco style. Another change that was made is the canopy that is currently over the entrance. The canopy was originally a two-story, wrought iron gallery which was replaced by a metal, self-supporting canopy, followed by a retractable canvas awning, and then the canopy that is there today. Every part of the building that is not under the canopy, excluding a small portion of the original bricks on the side and back of the building and the pane of architectural glass in the front, is now stucco. Originally, the entire edifice was painted bricks, but now the paint is either covered by stucco or worn off. The roof of the building is hidden by a decorative false front, also originally brick but now stucco, that extends about three feet above the second story. Today the building itself appears to be a meshing of time periods because of the three clashing textures of the bricks, glass, and stucco.


A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words

This image, created c. 1890 by an unknown artist, is an old artwork of the building when it was Millard’s Printing House and still had the original second-story wrought iron gallery.

This image portrays The Weekly Iberian in 1935 when it was still the official New Iberia newspaper. This was also when the Southern Belle Telephone and Telegraph Company was located on the second story. Note Main Street’s brick paving.

This is a photograph of the building (c. 1985) when it still had some of the original lettering from its days as Steinberg Furs. This picture came from the collection of Glenn Conrad.

The photos above are present day photographs taken of the old Weekly Iberian building, currently Laris Insurance, LLC. The first picture, is the interior of the office, the second and third are photographs of the front, and the fourth is a picture of the back and side of the building.


Making Headlines

This advertisement for Steinberg  & Co. was posted in The Weekly Iberian newspaper issue for October 14, 1937. It is advertising a popular trend of a late 1930s winter: fur coats. The advertisement was printed while Emanuel Steinberg was the owner of the building.


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