Taylor’s Drug Store

145 West Main Street

Every Building Has a Story

It was the year 1906. In the quaint town of New Iberia, Louisiana, a man by the name of John R. Taylor established his business, which has played a significant role in the history of New Iberia and shaped the architectural makeup of Main Street. Taylor’s Drug Store, located on 145 Main Street, New Iberia, Louisiana, forces itself to prominence with its interesting historical background and rich architectural detail.

The features of the castle turret-like entrance help add to the overall Romanesque design of Taylor’s Drugstore. On December 2nd, in the year 1902, John R. Taylor purchased the Taylor’s Drugstore property for a total of 400 dollars through a cash sale. It is in this purchase that the historic business of Taylor’s Drugstore began. Taylor later married Lonnie Lietemeyer. When Taylor died, Ms. Lietemeyer, his wife, acquired ownership of the building. Mrs. Taylor later married Edgar P. Gosling. When Mrs. Lietemeyer died, the building then passed under the ownership of Gosling on March 12, 1961. Gosling was later married Velma Shoate. On July 5, 1977, Gosling sold the Taylor’s Drug Store property to Donald Bonin, the President of KDEA Stereo Radio, for the sum of 24,000 dollars in a cash sale. In 2007, Bonin sold the Taylor Drugstore property to Longhorn Leasing LLC, its current owner.


If Walls and Windows Could Talk

The building known as Taylor’s Drugstore shows the different characteristics of Romanesque architecture through the rounded brick arches. One traditional characteristic of Romanesque architecture is the extensive use of brick or stone in the decorative construction of the exterior facade. Another traditional aspect of the overall design of the drugstore is the mosaic designed tile reflecting the name of John R. Taylor. Surrounding the exterior of the building is a collection of double hung windows that lie beneath ornate brick arches and decorative additions. Directly above the main pedestrian doorway sits a turret like structure which serves as a decorative canopy. The castle tower reflects the artistry of a skilled bricklayer and his contrib­­­utions to the facade of the building.


A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words

Taylor’s and Main Street 1912

Taylor’s Drugstore Building 2011



Making Headlines

Drugstore Advertisement published in the New Iberia Enterprise, May 4, 1934

John R. Taylor obituary published in the New Iberia Enterprise, May 12, 1928



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