The Catholic High School Class of 2012 would like to thank the following people who helped to make this project possible:




Mr. Mike Thibodeaux, Iberia Parish Clerk of Court

Mrs. June Sonnier, Iberia Parish Clerk of Court Office

Mr. George Reeves, Iberia Parish Clerk of Court Office

Mr. Ryan Huval, Iberia Parish Clerk of Court Office

Mrs. Phyllis Nelson, Iberia Parish Clerk of Court Office

Ms. Jane Braud, Director City of New Iberia Planning and Zoning Dept. and New Iberia Main Street Program

Jane Braud’s assistant

Ms. Lonnie Berrett, Media Librarian, Iberia Parish Library

Mrs. Catherine Huckaby, Co-owner Victor’s Cafeteria

Mr. Wayne Peltier, Owner Clementine’s Fine Dining

Mr. Paul Schwing, Owner Paul’s Flowers

Mr. Dick Allain, Founder Allain’s Jewlery, Former Owner Ford Motor Garage/Allain’s Jewelry Building

Mr. Tony Schwing, Owner Schwing Insurance Building

Mr. David Wormser, Owner Wormser’s Building

Mr. Johnny Wormser, Co-owner Wormser’s Block

Mr. Freddie DeCourt, New Iberia City Council, Mayor Pro Tem, Co-owner Weekly Iberian/Sternberg Fur Building

Mr. Lahasky, Member Congregation Gates of Prayer

Reverend Charles Langlois, Pastor St. Peter’s Parish

Mrs. Nancy Goodwin, Office Manager St. Peter’s Parish,

Mrs. Connie Pharr, Office Assistant St. Peter’s Parish,

Mrs. Bea Hanks, Office Assistant St. Peter’s Parish

Mr. Will Chapman, Editor The Daily Iberian

Mrs. Anne Patout

Mrs. Charlene Viator Guillot

Dr. Donald “Doc” Voorhies

New Iberia Merchants

Sir Speedy Printing

Mr. Raymond Simon, Catholic High School Principal

Mrs. Erin Henry, CHS Technology Director

Mr. Milton “Bo” Belanger, Social Studies Teacher

Mrs. Eugenie “Genie” Segura, English Teacher

Mrs. Allison Morvant, Social Studies Teacher