The spiritual development of students is rooted in Catholic tradition through the liturgy, prayer, service, and retreats, all of which invite a deeper love of God, others, and self. There are numerous aspects of Campus Ministry to aid students in developing their unique relationship with God, including personal development, practical experience, and theological study. The active presence of religious on campus and weekly all-school Masses are vital parts of the school’s ministry.

High school students may participate in the retreat team, which aids in the planning, preparation, and execution of faith-filled experiences for each grade level. These students also take part in local Preaux Life Marches and presenting faith based presentations to the student body.  Our student Kairos team puts on two special 3-day retreats a year, focused on helping one find his or her own personal relationship with God through both individual and small group discussion and discernment.  The high school students can also use their talent in Music Ministry.  The students prepare and lead music for all school masses.  Another aspect of Campus Ministry is Liturgical preparation.  These students arrive before school to turn the gym into a place of worship for the weekly all school mass.  All of these aspects allow for our students to find a place where they can help their community of God.


The purpose of the Middle School Campus Ministry club is to promote love for God, devotion to the Blessed Mother and the saints, appreciation of faith and to share this wonderful gift with the students, faculty and staff of CHS and with other people, through prayer, service and community.  Students meet approximately once a month for 45 minutes to 1 hour. Their goal is to do small things with great love, in the spirit of St. Therese of Lisieux (Carmelite Saint). The members do their best to adhere to the school’s motto: Acta non Verba.



The purpose of the Elementary Campus Ministry Club is to help young people learn their Catholic identity, provide an environment to be able to make a faith response to live as a disciple of Jesus, and continue the mission.  Students will once a month for approximately 30 minutes after school. The club’s goal is to foster in students a stronger personal spiritual life.  The members do their best to adhere to the school’s motto:  Acta non Verba.


Our Parents Ministry group takes an active role in the faith-development of our school by engaging parents in the CHS community through service, prayer, spiritual growth, and educational opportunities. They coordinate parent volunteers to be present with the Blessed Sacrament during First Friday Adorations. They also secure guest speakers for both parents and students and plan events such as St. Joseph’s Altar.

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