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For Parents

What is the per student cost of 1:1?

The school will purchase student devices and retain ownership for no less than three years. The current cost of one device; a protective bag; insurance; management, monitoring, and filtering licenses; and software applications totals $600. This does not include labor associated with managing assets, claims, and repairs.

Does the technology fee cover 1:1?

No. The student technology fee offsets the cost of optical Internet, technology infrastructure, classroom instructional equipment and technology consumables used by students on a daily basis. Additional software subscription and licensing fees are offset by supplements from the annual Academic Raffle. All of these items and services directly benefit students.

What will 1:1 cost my family?

Devices are currently anticipated to have a three year classroom lifespan as this is the term of the insurance agreement.  Excluding insurance deductible claims, you will never pay more than $610 (in three annual installments of $200 with a $10 buy-out option) for your child’s device over its classroom lifespan. This cost is less than $1 a day for the time it will be in your child’s possession.

What are the participation options for the Class of 2019 during the 2018-2019 school year?

This year only, you can select from the @School Loaner Program or the FULL 1:1 Program. Both options include use of a protective case and device insurance. Selections are due no later than May 1, 2018, and can be made at A failure to indicate a selection by the deadline will result in an automatic full opt-in.

The @School Loaner Program will provide your senior with a school-assigned device for periods 1-7 each day at school only. Students will have access to their GSuite accounts from home devices, but we cannot guarantee that they will have access to 100% of the apps and extensions paid for by the school. The fee for this option is $50 for the year. Additional fees will apply for failure to comply with check-in and check-out procedures.

The FULL 1:1 Program will provide your senior with a school-assigned device for all 294 school days, holidays, nights, and weekends throughout the school year.  The fee for this option is $200 for the year.

My child is a senior. We are only in this for one year. What happens to the device at the end of the school year?

All student devices must be turned in by the end of the last day of exams. Members of the class of 2019 will be offered the option to buy-out the device lease at that time. Devices that are not bought out will be retained for a loaner pool. Buyout cost will depend on the participation option selected – $560 if you have selected the @School Loaner Program or $410 if you have selected the FULL 1:1 Program.

How does a device buy-out work?

The total cost of buying out the lease of a student device, all accessories, and the protective bag is $610. All installment payments made over the life of the device count towards the buy-out. For the Class of 2019, see details above.

Do I pay less for the buy-out if I select the @School Loaner Program this year?

No. The @School Loaner Program is intended to ease the transition for families who may already have suitable devices at home for this school year. The total cost per student remains the same, as does the total buy-out cost.

What if I do not buy-out my child’s device?

Devices that are not bought out by families will be used as loaners as their condition permits or sold/donated elsewhere.

For Students

Do I get to keep my assigned device over the summer?

No. Devices will be collected each year by the last day of exams for inspection and routine maintenance. Students will be able to pick up their devices on designated days before school begins.

Do I get the same device for all three years?

Yes.  Provided your device is not replaced due to damages or theft, you will be reissued the same device each year.

Can I buy and use my own case or bag?

No, not even on holidays and weekends. The terms of the insurance agreement require that the device be contained only in the school-purchased protective bag during storage and transport at all times. In addition, the protective bag makes it easy to identify as a Catholic High School device.

Am I required to have a lock on my locker?

Students are not required to have a lock on their lockers this year.  However, students who wish to have a lock on their lockers must obtain one through Mrs. Ronilaine Gonsoulin in the high school office.  Locks require a $5 deposit, which will be returned in full at the end of the school year once the lock is turned in. Students may not provide their own lock.

Please contact Erin Henry at with any questions you might have that are not answered here.

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