Uniform Changes for 2017-2018

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The handbook is currently being revised and updated.  Parents and students will be advised when the latest version is available for review.  There are a few minor changes in uniform policy next year, and we wanted to notify all of you for planning purposes.
  • Girls in 9th-12th grades will be allowed to wear black polo shirts next year.  These must be worn with the uniform skirt only.
  • For next year, high school students will not be required to purchase a specific brand of dress shoe.  The only acceptable dress shoe is a low solid black leather dress shoe. Shoes must have a closed back, and boots are not permitted.
  • Solid black tennis shoes are permitted on mass day for grades 4-8 only.  Shoes must have a closed back, and boots are not permitted.
  • Blankets are not considered outerwear and, therefore, are prohibited.
As sent in previous communications, the list of important dates for 2017-2018 is available on the school Web site. The Uniform Swap Shop will be open Monday through Thursday 8am until 1pm through June 7th, except for Memorial Day and Fridays.  It will reopen on July 24th.
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