AdvancEd Surveys: Your Feedback is Important

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As part of AdvancED’s accreditation protocol, we are required to administer surveys in order to gather the thoughts of our students, parents, and teachers as they all reflect on what is great about our school and what needs to be improved. Please keep in mind that the AdvancED process and goals are different from our Long Range Planning initiative. AdvancED’s primary focus is on student learning and school/classroom improvement.

According to AdvancED, surveys are necessary for continuous improvement as they help a school

  • Understand perceptions
  • Capture key feedback
  • Target professional development
  • Identify strengthens and weaknesses
  • Monitor progress of improvement
  • Focus improvement initiatives
  • Elevate quality of service
  • Support student achievement
  • Design the School Improvement Action Plan

Therefore, this week, we will be administering digital surveys to students in grades 4-12 in their English classes.  Parents will be sent an individual email with a link and code to complete their surveys.  The survey takes about 15 minutes to complete.


Please be on the lookout for your email this week!

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